APPSeCONNECT Bug Bash Release

Release Date: 19th March, 2015
Release Version: 2.1.0

Bug bash release focusses mainly on removing bugs from the product and enhancing the already existing components to deliver bug free and better product experience to our customers. This release is taken once in a year such that all the enhancement that we made throughout the whole year are properly brushed up. The Bug Bash release for year 2014 contains following enhancements.

For End Users:

  • Support for Organization specific touchpoints. As we found a large number of customers are looking to for integration of their own customized data, we have now given you organization specific touchpoints. Organization wise touchpoints will enable you to cater your own customizations and integrate through APPSeCONNECT. There might be an entire process which we don’t do, or something very specific to your own organization, APPSeCONNECT can now cater such situations as well.
  • Reduced time on publish operation. We found that you are not happy with our Publish feature as any change you made which needs to be reflected to your touchpoint needs a whole publish. In this release, we enable you to publish by touchpoint itself. So now, if you change something in your touchpoint Order download say, you don’t need to publish the whole connection to get the update to your on premise agent.
  • Resync failed items. Option to resync failed items has always been an issue for clients. APPSeCONNECT is now smart enough to detect failures (which might be caused due to some data validation failure or anything abnormal), and produce you a list of those, such that you can identify the problems and fix it and then sync them individually.
  • Fixing major and minor bugs to improve experience. We are really concerned with your feedbacks. While some of the features we released earlier might have some issues, which we have identified and fixed. Here is a list of all bugs fixed during the period.
  • Resync features implemented in adapters SAP B1 and Magento. Resync feature have been implemented on the product already, but some of the minor adjustments needed on the adapter side to support the feature. We have enhanced our SAP B1 and Magento adapter to support Resync Feature.
  • Enhanced installer for Agent now will give you perfect experience on installing the APP.

For Administration

  • Bugs fixed on attribute mapping. We enhanced the UI in attribute mapping section to remove various bugs which might cause the administration difficult.
  • Improved design. We also found that we can improve some of the designs of admin screens, which we did during the release cycle to enhance the experience of Web App.
  • Protocol list revamped. We have fixed the problem of Protocol list in Connection creation page such that you do not mistake a selection of protocol while creating connection.

On Integration

  • On this Bug bash release, we worked on major touchpoints on SAP B1, NAV, Magento touchpoints to fix all the problems following standard business process.


During this phase, we have also enhanced some of the other adapters (i.e., Prestashop, Ebay, Amazon) to clear out problems identified during the whole year.


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