Importance of connecting CRM with ERP – Recorded Webinar

Satisfied customers are the most valuable assets of a business. If customer information is not handled properly, then it becomes difficult to run a business smoothly. Two systems are often used to maintain all the data - the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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Bug Bash 2016 at InSync

No software product in this world is bug free. But how about a product which has the least number of bugs? APPSeCONNECT, the ERP to e-commerce/CRM/marketplace integration software, promises to be best integration software in the world after the Team’s Bug Bash event held from 26th-29th March 2016.

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Reap the Benefits of section 179 deduction before the year ends

Great news for all SME retailers! US government has come up with tax exemption under section 179 against hardware and software acquisitions before 31 st December 2015. For most of the retail industries, it is high time to fill their business gaps by purchasing must have software at less cost.

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Importance of gift wrapping in the holiday season

The online web-stores demands are high during the festive or holiday season. The holidays are almost knocking at the door and your customer are ready with their shopping list for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday followed by Christmas and New Year.

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5 ways how CRM improves your business

Your customers are spoiled by choices offered by your competitors, the only options you have, is to improve your business CRM. Gone are those days when the organizations were highly charged to install CRM software’s and also it took much time to train your resources to use it. Now the scenario is changed and there are many low cost and easy accessible CRM available in the market that can improve your business activities.

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Bigcommerce Discount Rule

If you are thinking about increasing the sales by providing discount with multiple rules then it’s very easy in Bigcommerce platform now with the newly released discount rule. The shop owner can provide the discount amount or percentage with minimum purchase.

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How to address your customer’s fear?

40% population of the world is now familiar with the internet usage. The eCommerce market has grown worldwide and over a billion of people are selling and purchasing products and services online. Though many of us prefer the old fashioned rhythm (because we are familiar with it) we have to agree that the convergence era has made our life easier.

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Magento 2 – Latest Speculations and Facts by Magento Experts.

Magento 2, One of the most awaited platforms for the eCommerce Community, is slowly revealing its secrets to the world. Initially most Magento experts thought that this new architecture has been opted to eliminate the performance issue of Magento 1.x versions especially with large set of data used by large enterprises.

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How to Attract Subscribers in your eCommerce Website?

Subscribers are the shoppers who look out for opportunity to buy more for less. Anything new that catches their sight is in their cart. Now how will these people know about the new trends, offers and the new stocks you got to offer them?

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How to Ensure After Sales Satisfaction?

Nowadays, shopaholic’s resides at eStore’s! Customer satisfaction is the key for successful eCommerce business. You will have to satisfy your consumers shopping experience and give them solutions for their problem faced while returning or exchanging the unless you want them to relocate and find a new store!

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