Cost Estimation of Magento 2.0 Enterprise

Magento’s enterprise grade solution for large businesses comes with direct access to Magento’s support team and with a host powerful features that doesn’t come in the community version. Enterprise edition has been always for businesses with heavy traffic and lots of SKUs.

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Upcoming ecommerce events in 2016 in Europe and UK

Last time we listed down the upcoming Ecommerce and CRM events in the United States. Now we are back with the list of events which are going to take place this year in and around Europe and UK.

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Why SaaS business model is important ?

Delivery of a software is as important as building or using a software.  Software from its very inception is delivered in various ways.

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6 Benefits of Integrating NAV & Bigcommerce using APPSeCONNECT

Bigcommerce supports search engine optimization by providing features such as effective use of heading tags, search engine friendly links, ALT tags, per product tags and per page title tags. It also includes a built in, content management system which helps in publishing of website content including web pages, blogs, news items, coupon codes and promotional banners.

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4 Effective Ways to Write Product Descriptions on your Online Retail

Product displayed online are often interpreted by the product information, images and videos. The product description is simply few words about the products fabric and specification. These products description content should act as a marketing substitute through which you can lure your customers. The description which you provide for your customers should entice them. The secret of writing a product description lies in engaging, convincing and yes selling too.

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Know why your visitors and sales have decreased and get them back!

It is really sad when you see your efforts are not paying back. I am sure, you had big dreams regarding your eStore, so don’t let your dreams shatter. Today, eCommerce business is flourishing but not all. The current eCommerce market is very competitive, hence planning is very important. Remember, too many factors depends on you and your decision, for example choosing your eCommerce platform, ERP, connector, products, payment procedure, shipping, security etc.

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Top online payment gateways for eCommerce Platform

Many of us are scared to shop online because we are scared of the hackers. Stories comes up on the social media and other sites about account being hacked and the illustrative bill follows too many cyber-crime protocols. So the internet hackers have found the way to hack our account and we the customers have got few smart options to secure our online transactions.

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Sustaining In eCommerce Platforms

The moment you understand online sales are more profitable business, you are ready to take the leap. The challenges lies in choosing the eCommerce platform, where the entire business, in future have a stability and longevity.

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How to Post SAP ECC Item Master Data to eCommerce Platform Without Any Errors?

SAP ECC 6.0 is extensively used by organizations which use e-commerce as multiple media of business. Mastering the data set up and managing the same are quite important parts of the whole ERP system.

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How to address your customer’s fear?

40% population of the world is now familiar with the internet usage. The eCommerce market has grown worldwide and over a billion of people are selling and purchasing products and services online. Though many of us prefer the old fashioned rhythm (because we are familiar with it) we have to agree that the convergence era has made our life easier.

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