eBay leverages AMP technology to improve mobile browsing

eBay is planning for much more swift browsing within the site and also for the users accessing it from external platforms like Google and Twitter. Recently they announced a transformation in the shopping experience. This transformation is led by AMP Technology. eBay has linked its AMP pages from non-AMP pages to make them discoverable on Google.

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eBay Local : Everything you need to know

To cope up with the recent loss on average customer value eBay has launched “eBay local” in United Kingdom. The main objective of this Marketplace is to engage large number of buyers and sellers present locally. eBay local facilitates local item searches based on the Zip code and as a result of which buyers get to view the location on the Google map with the items pinned demonstrating the price and distance of the seller from the buyer’s location.

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Protect your eBay store while you are away!

When you get bored of entertaining your customers online but then you have no choice other than running your eBay store. In that case, what should be your idea? Let’s discuss the different scenarios where you can keep your customers engaged and meanwhile you can also enjoy your vacations:

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How to do Inventory Management of your eBay store?

EBay allows a very simple store inventory management. If you have an eBay store, you can upload the stock with additional fixed price items which may not be cost effective to list via Online Auction or Fixed Price listing formats.

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Major Seller Updates on eBay

If you are a Premium Store subscriber on an annual subscription, you will pay an additional $30 per quarter, and the value of the benefits that you receive will be worth up to $380 per quarter. In coming future, eBay is going to own affordable eBay-branded shipping supplies on eBay with quick handling time and free shipping. Premium-quality boxes, envelopes and tape are accessible at exceptionally focused costs, furnishing you for all your packaging needs.

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Ebay Integration with Bigcommerce – Multichannel growth

World’s leading marketplace eBay has joined hands with Bigcommerce , one of the popular eCommerce platform. BigCommerce is devoted to better empowering all retailers to offer progressively and eventually scale their operations. The latest API feature sets enables both the platform to integrate and sync data so that merchants can maintain their overall business in real time.

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