Magento 2.0 Advanced Pricing

Magento maintains 3 customer-specific pricing rule under Advance Pricing: Pricelist, Tier Price & Special Price. Configure them and improve your magento store now!

Top 7 Magento Extensions in 2017 for Your eCommerce Store

If you are searching for a leading open source platform with built-in high-quality modules, then you must choose Magento, which provides highly steadfast solutions for any eCommerce business. However, as we all know that Magento is an open-source and highly relied on extensions from third-party developers to enhance its performance – today’s we bring in front of you “Top 5 Magento Extensions” that are inevitable to run a successful online business.

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How to Maintain Multi-Warehouse Stock in Magento?

Inventory management is a very important part of any ecommerce business. Magento as an ecommerce platform has a very capable inventory management functionality. That one feature which doesn’t come in the out of the box and is often required by mid to enterprise level organizations is multi-warehouse/location inventory management.

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Top ERP Packages to Integrate with Magento

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, is a business process management software which allows an organization (small scale, medium scale or enterprise level) to use integrated application based system to manage the online business properly and automate many back office functions which actually have a perfect co-relation with services, human resources, technologies etc.

Magento Marketplace Launched Extensions for Magento 1.x

The availability of so many extensions has always set Magento apart from other platforms. There are extensions for almost any requirement you might have in your head. Magento had its own dedicated store for extensions Magento Connect. But then Magento 2.0 released in November 2015 and the extensions listed in the connect store were no more compatible with the new series of Magento.

Magento’s New Partnership with Adobe

Something big got announced yesterday at the’s Retail Digital Summit happening at Dallas, TX. Magento declared a collaboration with Adobe. Adobe’s comprehensive content management solution - Adobe Experience Manager, can now be leveraged by Magento users to design and deliver a consistent experience to its customers across digital channels. Magento’s Digital Commerce Suit coupled with the Adobe Experience Manager will enable merchants to reach out to their customers with personalized messaging and promotions.

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B2B Commerce with SAP & Magento – Is B2B the new B2C?

It has been a great year for B2B E-commerce and it is important to keep an eye on the digital and technology trends to embrace the success you want for your business. The purpose of this webinar was to bring forward the amazing B2B capabilities of Magento and how integration with back-office systems / ERP will help your business become more efficient.

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Magento Analytics, delivered by RJMetrics – Story of missing data

Magento acquired RJMetrics Cloud Data Analytics platform and the news has been published this August through a Press Release. Magento is claiming that with this new technology you as a merchant will understand your customer, website performance and merchandising in more in depth.

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How healthy is your Magento Store?

Effortless and user friendly architecture along with content and functionality management makes Magento a complete solution for your e-commerce requirements. While it is very important to focus on your business and user experience it is also important to keep your magento store safe from long term perspective.

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10 Best Practices for Magento maintenance & support

Now the real work begins. In this webinar we help eCommerce managers, CMOs and Business Owners identify what it takes to put together a successful ongoing ecommerce maintenance and support process.

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