SAP Business One and MS Dynamics NAV- Comparison

SAP Business One and MS Dynamics NAV, two most popular ERP systems available for Small and Midsize companies. When people want to compare these two, really they found difficulty. The comparison is almost head to head and often the key criteria becomes which one can fulfill most requirements with less customizations and in lesser cost. But if you think in long term, these two factors should not be the prime judgement point because within a blink of an eye you will have few GB of data punched into the ERP system in few months, and from that point its really difficult to turn back.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version-wise Features – A Comparison

Even today we often meet many NAV Customers still using NAV 5.0, not associated anymore with their Microsoft Partner because they think their ERP Implementation working perfectly, didn’t focus on keeping their ERP upgraded to latest version because it meets their average requirements.

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Latest feature of Microsoft Dynamics NAV adds value to your business covering operations which includes simplify business with a single solution, improves productivity and making intelligent decisions.

How APPSeCONNECT solves the challenges faced in Magento and Microsoft Dynamic NAV

You can use Magento for your e-business, but to control the backend business activities, an ERP software is essential. Any new implementation do have certain challenges involved, still there are many ways to overcome them.

How to Publish MS Dynamics NAV Page as Web service?

MS Dynamics NAV by default does not provide any web service there again it allows an easy process to create, publish and consume a Page as web service. In this blog I will show, how to register and publish a Dynamics NAV Page as web service, which can be easily consumed from other applications.

ERP apps for iPad, Android, Windows 8 by Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ERP Software were best in use on computers. The evolution of the eCommerce market have made life easier. Looking at the broader business aspects Magento took a step forward in this techno-sphere with the expansion of mobile app. Now if there is an eCommerce platform, you do require an ERP for better functioning, here come Microsoft Dynamics with the new version of NAV 2015. NAV 2015 ERP system supports iPad, android and windows 8.

How can partner improve the Microsoft dynamic NAV 2015 Upgrade Process?

In October 2014 Microsoft introduced the upgraded version of Dynamic NAV 2015. The partners should upgrade the NAV 2015 as best practice. The customer needs to make the important decisions as in when to implement the NAV 2015 to utilize the upgraded benefits.

MS Dynamics NAV 2015 Development Environment Changes

Microsoft has Enhanced there development Environment for NAV 2015, here is a detail of code commenting in NAV 2015

How to Install Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Microsoft has just released MS Dynamics NAV 2015 and it has been made available for download on the PartnerSource Portal from 1st October, 2014. So here I am writing the steps to install Dynamics NAV 2015 basic installation.