Compatibility of HANA revisions and SUSE OS with SAP Business One versions and patch levels

Using HANA with your SAP Business One revolutionizes the performance of the ERP and its reporting tools, specifically if your Database size is quite huge. Slowly but surely HANA has become native database of almost 20% of SAP Business One Users now a days and surely the number will increase with current months.

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Innovation for SAP HANA empowers customers in today’s digital economy

SAP Hana the newest version launched by SAP is a data management system which is memory and column oriented. SAP HANA is categorically indexed and it is designed to handle both complex query and high transaction rates which is processing in the same platform. The innovation for SAP HANA empowered their customer with choices, speed, promptness, applications, insight, innovation, value, cloud and data.

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A Candid comparison of Embedded ERP and SAP B1

SAP B1 and embedded ERP both have its own positive and negative aspects. SAP B1 by SAP AG offers you full-fledged ERP solution that gives you all the benefit that you require to run your back office.  While an Embedded ERP is generally an extension offered by e-commerce solution partners that assists you in managing inventory, purchase and logistic within the e-commerce.

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New AWS Quick Start – SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

SAP B1 has launched their newest version SAP HANA an amazing speedy database management system on the Amazon Web Service (cloud). SAP Hana is more practically drafted and properly indexed which help you to plan, implement and design your ERP solution, thus making it faster.

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Significance of SAP HANA for Retailers

SAP HANA is being looked upon by increasing number of enterprises. This article demystifies the concept as a whole- significance of SAP HANA for retailers.

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