How To Create Popular Tags In Magento 1.9

There are various features provided by Magento, One of the Most Popular features is POPULAR TAGS. Popular Tags helps customer to view the products which are popular in a single click

Follow the steps to create Popular Tags:

Creation of Tags from Magento Back-end

Step 1 : Login to Magento admin to create popular tags

Step 2 : Click on CATALOG => Tags => all tags

Step 3 :Click on Add New Tag

Step 4: Provide the general information under New Tag option

Status are of three types :

  • Disable (Disable Tags)
  • Pending (Tags created from front-end waiting to get approved)
  • Approved (Tags created from back-end)

Here provide a Tag Name and its status “Approved”

  • Click on Save Tag

Tag saved successfully.

Linking of products under Tags :

Step 1 : Click on the created tag and  expand products tagged by administrators.

Step 2 : Reset the filter and select the products that will be listed under the popular tag

Step 3 : Click on Save.

Popular Tags are created.

Tags viewed from Magento Front-end.

Step 1 : Open Magento Front-end to view the Tag created

Click on “Popular” tag, to view the added product.

In this way Popular Tags are created in  Magento Back-end.

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