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  • Fully bi-directional and automatic sync between your systems
  • Most in-depth integration with the touch points
  • Out of the box integration features
  • Easy personalization as per your business requirements

Available Integration Touchpoints

  • Customer
  • Item
  • Order
  • Payment
  • shipment
  • additional features

Additional B2B Features through InSync Magento B2B module for Magento Enterprise:

  • P Contact Person as Magento User
    Each SAP Business One B.P contact person will be treated as an eCommerce user. Orders placed by the contact person in the web will sync back to SAP Business One and placed against the B.P Organization.
  • Order and Invoice History
    Showing sales order, invoice and delivery history to each contact person of an organization through Magento eCommerce website.
  • Volume and Period Discounts
    SAP Business One quantity level and period discounts will be mapped with Magento special and tier pricing, offering quantity level and special periodic discounted price in Magento-powered through SAP Business One.
  • Partial Shipments and Invoice
    Partial deliveries and invoices recorded in SAP Business One will be synced to Magento as partial shipments and partial web invoices.
  • User Level and Order Approval
    Multiple level of users can be created in Magento, organization-wise. Pricing of products, orders, and invoices can be made as ‘hidden’ from general users while it will be shown to financial managers of an organization. A web order approval mechanism logic can be defined where an order can pass through one or multiple approvers before syncing to SAP Business One for further processing.
  • Credit Limit/Store Credits
    Store credits can be used as a payment method in Magento and all contact persons of an organization can use that store credit when placing an Order. Store Credits will be connected to B.P credit limit of SAP Business One.
  • Purchase Orders
    Contact person can attach purchase order copy while checkout and Purchase Order can be used as a payment method in Magento.
  • Sales Employee Module
    SAP B1 Sales employees will have a special access in magento eCommerce, they can create/manage customer accounts and also can place sales orders on behalf of customers/customer contact.
  • Customer Specific Product Catalog
    As APPSeCONNECT B2B connector follows organization and contact person specific structure in Magento, so each organization can have specific product catalog in Magento. So in this way, some product catalog/category can be generic, while some others will be specific.

**APPSeCONNECT will require DI Server (for SQL/HANA) or Service Layer (for HANA) to connect to SAP Business One


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Benefits of

SAP Business One and Magento Enterprise Integration


Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory

Sales in your Ecommerce will get reflected at your ERP in real time. You can effectively plan your supply chain.


Process Orders Quickly

Improves order-processing efficiency of back office by automatically feeding web orders into ERP. Smooth and faster order fulfillment..


Automate Financial Entry

Ecommerce sales transactions get automatically and accurately recorded in your ERP. You have complete financial view of your business at any point in time.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customer is always informed by having auto updates on each stage of their order fulfillment.


Avoid ‘Out of Stock’

Sync the stock updates on real time into web inventory. Eliminate ‘out of stock’ scenario.


Track Guest Checkouts

Guest customers and their sales orders are tracked in ERP. Convert guest buyers into loyal customers.

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