SAP ECC Bigcommerce Integration Overview

APPSeCONNECT SAP ECC and Bigcommerce Integration allows big organizations, using Bigcommerce as their eCommerce platform, to seamlessly connect their eCommerce website with their ERP system. APPSeCONNECT allows fully automatic data exchange bi-directionally between Bigcommerce and SAP ECC.

Customer Sync

Sync New Customer & Existing Customer with General and Sales info

Merchandising Sync

Category structure, Product Listing, Multimedia files, SEO optimization

Stock Sync

Sync inventory as per appropriate scheduled job

Price Sync

Integrity of pricing procedure calculation and business rules

Order Sync

Quick Order fulfilment cycle, Order Approval, Payment method sync

Delivery Sync

Sync Shipping details and Inventory. Ensures customer satisfaction


**Please note transfer of IDOCs doesn’t need any additional investment in middle ware, as the solution uses standard HTTP protocol to connect SAP.

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