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Importance of customer satisfaction in e-commerce and how ERP connectors can help

E-commerce is the hottest service lending and trading forum or should I say residence of shopaholics. A shopaholic is the potential customer at any stores be it online or retail. It very important to keep your visitors satisfied so that they always pay a return visit whenever they are shopping. The competition is high, if […]

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E-commerce Flash Sales

E-commerce flash sales is the nourishment of the consumer’s emotional thrill for certain product which in due course of time may be unfulfilled or your customer might just got caught up with an interesting product. Discounts on products which they are looking for are boon for them and ‘deal of the day’ for the e-commerce merchants.

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Why should you connect your Magento store with an ERP?

Magento is the booming e-commerce platform in the present market scenario. Magento is basically focused in the sales process for a business, whereas a company have other functions to perform as well which is not possible to run within an eCommerce and can’t be efficiently run manually in a business, hence an ERP software is often required to perform the daily work efficiently.

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What is a good ERP software to use with Magento?

Magento We know undoubtedly the best available e-commerce platform in the market. Being e-commerce Magento mainly concentrates on online sales, while other processes like purchase, accounts, service, production, inventory, human resource, etc. needs to be managed too, for which organization can consider an ERP system to run these effectively.

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