Top 10 Magento Themes for your Ecommerce Business


Magento is a CMS and a shopping cart software that is popularly used by ecommerce businesses to run their websites. While the platform supports a number of plugins and add-ons to make selling products easier, it is also important to choose a theme that is best suited for your business. With so many themes available online, we have put together a list of Magento themes that are currently some of the best out there, listed in no particular order.

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7 Dazzling E-commerce Trends in 2017


The E-commerce marketing trends keep on changing with every passing year. In 2016, we’ve some remarkable trends related to eCommerce web design such as motion animation, long scroll, the card like layouts, flat and material design and of course responsive design. And 2017 is going to be a great year for all the creative web designers who love adopting latest trends while developing an eCommerce website. Check out these 7 e-commerce trends in 2017 to take your business to the next level.

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What is the Role of RSA in Ecommerce

In today’s world, it is very difficult to survive without internet and the best example of that is the increase of online businesses. E-business is the most popular business these days. They deal with a lot of sensitive data of their customers. The RSA algorithm is commonly used for securing communications between web browsers and eCommerce websites. The reason for this is the resistance to attack.

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Here’s Why You Should Attend Meet Magento Prague 2017

The second chapter of the leading eCommerce conference for Magento – Meet Magento Prague, organized by Neklo is just a week away. This is just to remind you what you will miss if you don’t come. Team APPSeCONNECT will be there at the event and we will speaking about how merchants can leverage Magento to the fullest by connecting it to other LOB applications.

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How to Upgrade OpenCart Store from 1.5.x to 2.3.x in 3 Easy Steps!

Like any other software product, OpenCart too gets better with every new version. There are new features, bug fixes, less security vulnerabilities and more software enhancements with every new version of it. Besides that, all new extensions and themes are released for the latest version and above all; hey you’re using the latest version. In this blog post you will learn to upgrade OpenCart store in three easy steps.

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Integrating Business Applications – 5 Key Points to Consider

Integration or integrating application systems is nothing but enabling them to communicate with each other. Now, let me tell you why a business enterprise might need integration – even though you got the best app for each of your requirements, all these requirements are surrounded to one thing only i.e. your business data. Your business data is practically something that needs to be processed through all these application systems in the best possible way and in the least possible time to come up with the best possible outcome.

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Top 15 Ecommerce Quotes from Successful Entrepreneurs

When it’s all about the evolution of e-Commerce industry in last 20 years and so on; It is just like digging a small pond so deep that it turns into a river. The retail business has completely changed and jumps over the top of the industry niche due to the revolution of eCommerce. Thus, it’s proven to be a big threat to traditional malls as well. Here are the top 15 eCommerce quotes from successful industry leaders!

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