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Sugarcrm and MailChimp Integration

Sugarcrm, as we know has emerged as one of the world leaders in the software industry as a provider of Commercially Open Source CRM software. On the other hand MailChimp is the most widely used email marketing software these days. Not too long ago in March 2016, a module was released for Sugarcrm which is capable to integrate these two applications in a seamless bi-directional manner.

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Success Story of Sugar CRM

Founded in April 2004 by John Roberts, Jacob Taylor and Clint Oram, Sugar CRM has since pioneered commercial open source within the CRM software industry and has emerged as a world leader. In their journey of “Making every customer relationship extraordinary”, Sugar today boasts of being deployed by more than 1.5M individuals in over 120 countries and 26 languages while the open source product being downloaded more than 7 million times, with approximately 10,000 downloads originating only in India.

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SugarCRM : Best Practices for Sales Users

Satisfying a customer is the best business strategy. Sugar CRM completely agrees to the fact and offers you an amazing CRM solution that automates the customer service, core sales and marketing processes. The Sugar CRM provides you with a highly customizable CRM platform, i.e. you do have the option to set-up multiple custom data modules and data fields.

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