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Comwrap GmbH

A digital consultant and system integrator for experience driven commerce

Comwrap is a digital consulting and system integration company providing enterprise level Commerce and Experience Management platforms located in Germany and Switzerland. We deliver value throughout the whole project lifecycle from consulting to design, requirements engineering, development to digital marketing.

We offer services throughout the whole project lifecycle from strategy consulting to service design, system integration and online marketing. comwrap delivers scalable enterprise content management- and omni channel e-commerce platforms. We also specialize in digital marketing generating more visitors, more leads and more customers for b2c, b2b and d2c businesses.

Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland)

Magento Enterprise Partner
Magento 2 certified solution specialist
Magento 2 certified professional developer
Magento 2 certified professional frontend developer
Adobe Solution Partner
eZ Platinum Partner

Products / Services:
Analytics / Business Optimization
Application Development
Content Management
eCommerce Solutions / Platform
Email Marketing Solutions / Platform
Web Experience Design & Management

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