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Integris Systemy IT Sp. z o.o.

Integris has implemented ERP systems in over a hundred companies.

Integris Company was established in February 1998 by the ERP standard solutions since the mid-1990s. At the time those solutions were being introduced to the enterprise market. The company has implemented systems in a hundred companies, systematically following the technological development and introducing more advanced solutions. Integris concentrates on providing services to companies implementing enterprise management support systems.

ul. Lutycka 1, 60-415 Poznań
Products / Services:
Microsoft Dynamics AX service. Microsoft Dynamics AX service. We make analyzes, as well as provide services and implementations of integrated IT systems. As a provider of complex. IT solutions on the Polish market. We promote inventiveness, creativity and regular skills development. Thanks to this we can guarantee the reliability of custom-made solutions.
Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Trainer, PMP

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