Magento and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

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Connect Magento with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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magento-dynamics 365 bc integration

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APPSeCONNECT is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that seamlessly connects two or more business applications with one another. It makes SaaS, on-premise applications, data sources & technologies talk to each other under one single platform.

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Magento and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration Points

  • New Customer: New customer’s account, contact information, billing and shipping address etc. will be synchronized to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

  • Existing Customer: Existing web customer’s details are downloaded to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central automatically in real time.

  • Guest Customer: As per business requirement, the connector can be configured to sync the guest customer’s information such as contact and address, to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with a different B.P Code for easy tracking. Merchants can plan for further marketing activity for these guest customers based on their contact information.
  • List Microsoft Dynamics Business Central items in the e-commerce web store as simple, configurable, bundled, grouped, downloadable and even virtual type of products.

  • The ability to attach Microsoft Dynamics Business Central pricelists with Magento websites allows an Item to have different prices in different websites based on the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central pricelist.
  • Real-time Stock Update from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to maintain exact inventory level in the eCommerce store.

  • APPSeCONNECT can be configured to support different levels of Inventory sync as per requirement, it supports In Stock-Committed+Ordered Inventory or In Stock-Committed Inventory Levels.
  • Web customers: All the Magento sales orders placed by the web customer will instantly be converted into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Sales Orders.

  • Guest customers : All the web sales orders placed by the guest customers will be transformed into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Sales Orders.

  • Order Approval process : Web Orders can be synced back to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central as sales orders, providing an opportunity to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users for an order approval process, checking payment, stock and even customer validation. With APPSeCONNECT, Business Owners can even choose which web orders will sync back to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central through a dynamic mapping screen.

  • Web order status update : Once delivery invoice or A/R invoice is generated in Business Central, web users can instantly get the updated information and shipment tracking number on Magento by viewing the web order status which will be changed from ‘pending/processing’ to ‘shipped/complete’.

  • Order total calculation : Exact value mapping of tax and shipping charges are ensured for proper order total calculation while converting web orders into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central sales orders.

  • Maintain same order value :APPSeCONNECT fully supports synchronization of the discounts to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central sales order and maintains the same order value both in Magento and ERP systems.
  • Shipping method and Shipment charges : eCommerce shipping method and shipment charges will be fully mapped with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central shipping method and freight, through APPSeCONNECT.

  • Shipment tracking number : Microsoft dynamics Business Central user can put the shipment tracking no. in Business Central Delivery Note and it will be synced to Magento. This tracking number is available in the storefront in the order details. Thus, web customer can track his/her shipments using this tracking number.

Some unique features:

  • Support for multiple websites

  • APPSeCONNECT has the full capability to connect multiple websites with Dynamics Business Central.

  • Fully Automated Synchronization at defined time interval is available with option for manual trigger as well.

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