Product Release - Version 2.0.0 - APPSeCONNECT

Happy New Year Release

Release Date: 23rd Jan 2015
Release Version: 2.0.0

This is a major release of APPSeCONNECT where we have fixed our APPSeCONNECT SDK and released it for public. All the old agents running lower than this version will not able to use the features released, and it is recommended to upgrade all the adapters to latest release.

Our main focus on this release is to provide resync feature which allows to sync failed items separately and also identifying why it has failed.


  • Failure detection is one of the major enhancement which we did in this release. Our adapters can parse the data coming from application and detect failures in data and give proper messages to the user. With this release you can also open all the failed items in a separate list and sync each data individually or by selecting a range of data from the list.
  • Resync bucket is associated to every touchpoint, so that when you open the list corresponding to one touchpoint, it will show all the problems particular to that touchpoint only. We have also given delete option and also based on data an adapter can skip or fail an entry.
  • We now provide email notification regularly of all failed items such that you are notified properly with all the failures for a particular day.
  • Separate menu for adapter and configuration download. We identified that downloading an adapter is very rare case and for every configuration download we are additionally downloading adapters again and again. We fixed this problem by giving you a new / separate option to download adapters such that the configuration download can be performed without downloading adapters.
  • Notification when service restart required. Our agent also installs a background service to perform auto-sync operations. But there is no direct link between the two processes. Sometimes, when some data is changed it might take a little time to effect the change. We have identified the issue and provided a message such that you can identify when you need to restart a service.
  • Auto-fix background services.Auto sync service sometimes may corrupt or fail to work. Our agent is now smart enough to detect problems and fix if there is problems on running the service. We have also provided the user to kill or stop the service from settings panel.
  • Real-time touchpoint can now support more than one touchpoint executing for one request. Previously each touchpoint provides a new url but we found this might create lot of configuration on association. Thus we removed the issue by giving one single link for the whole connection which can be configured and based on the request body, the adapter can select as many touchpoint as it wants to execute.
  • Special installer for installing agent. Additionally, we provide a good installer which will install all the components in a single click. Our new installer will automatically determine if APPSeCONNECT is already running and stop or restart according to its own requirements.


  • Introducing workflows. No single touchpoint can perform an entire business process. This is a major issue with APPSeCONNECT as our touchpoint does not provide option to create dependency. Now with APPSeCONNECT 2.0 we support dependency of touchpoints. You can define touchpoint which will automatically execute when a parent touchpoint is triggered.
  • Proper segregation of Test and Real user. We now provide option to discriminate a real user and a test user in APPSeCONNECT.
  • Introducing trial touchpoints. We now provide option to select which touchpoints are going to be activated for trial users and also if any which are available for only paid users.
  • Tracking of background activities and autofix. We now track any problems of our background service which does all publishing jobs. The process will automatically fix the problems if any so as to give you minimum downtime.


  • Invite user on APPSeCONNECT. You can now invite users or associates who can access your cloud account without problems. This feature will ensure that more than one user can access an account and customize.
  • Option to report an issue in every page. We provided a Report an Issue feature on every page, so if you find an issue, you can easily show us the problem.
  • Option to delete apps from application list. Once an app is selected, you cannot deselect it. This has been an issue with some of our clients. We removed this restriction, and now you can deselect an app already selected. Only catch is, the app can only be deselected if it is not used.
  • Option to disable email notification. APPSeCONNECT sends emails to users, but if you don’t want to receive notification, you can opt out of the emails. We have provided a link which will unsubscribe a user from mailing list.
  • In addition to these, we have also enhanced Value mapping user interface and other UI components.

  • Integrations

    • On integration side, we have worked a lot on the following integrations to provide you better sync process.
      • SAP B1 ⇔ BigCommerce
      • SAP B1 ⇔ Magento
      • SAP B1 ⇔ Shopify
      • SAP DI API ⇔ Magento

    There are lot of minor adjustments and defect resolution which are introduced with the new release.

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    Our integrations are dynamic in nature. The mentioned offerings are the cumulative possibilities of the platform (actual scenarios are specifically organization/business-dependent). For any disparity, please refer to the latest version of the integration brochures.