eCommerce PCI Compliance Checklist

PCI DSS is very important for eCommerce Industry, it provides a set of standard rules on how to protect Customer’s Credit Card Details which is often mentioned as Card Holder’s Data or CHD. This standard helps the merchant to develop an information security program and maintain it to meet their own business needs. The PCI DSS also helps to identify from where the CHD coming, passing through and getting stored. Mapping how the CHD moves through a Company’s network is one of the first steps before defining steps to protect it.

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Amazon sellers, how can you get Amazon to reimburse you?

As Amazon FBA sellers, you send your inventory to Amazon warehouses and all further order fulfillment is taken care of by Amazon. However, while your products are in Amazon warehouses or even during transit, they might get lost or damaged. According to Amazon’s FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy, these items will either be replaced with the same FNSKU or you will be reimbursed an evaluated replacement value of your lost inventory. Though this reimbursement is automated, often, if you monitor your account, you will find that the inventory value has not been credited back to your seller account.

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Upcoming ecommerce events in 2016 in Europe and UK

Last time we listed down the upcoming Ecommerce and CRM events in the United States. Now we are back with the list of events which are going to take place this year in and around Europe and UK.

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Learn how to connect Outlook to Zoho CRM

Do you use Zoho CRM for maintaining your sales cycle? It is certainly an excellent tool for streamlining your organization-wide sales with sophisticated sales force automation features like lead management, account management etc at competitive pricing. With a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline, you can make better decisions and close deals more easily.

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Importance of connecting CRM with ERP – Recorded Webinar

Satisfied customers are the most valuable assets of a business. If customer information is not handled properly, then it becomes difficult to run a business smoothly. Two systems are often used to maintain all the data - the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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Bug Bash 2016 at InSync

No software product in this world is bug free. But how about a product which has the least number of bugs? APPSeCONNECT, the ERP to e-commerce/CRM/marketplace integration software, promises to be best integration software in the world after the Team’s Bug Bash event held from 26th-29th March 2016.

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Why SaaS business model is important ?

Delivery of a software is as important as building or using a software.  Software from its very inception is delivered in various ways.

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A Guide to Major Bigcommerce updates in 2015

If you are running a small or mid- sized or even a large e-business and you have millions of customers, bigcommerce functions well for you to maximize your Sale. By the end of 2015, Bigcommerce controls more than 95,000 online stores and has prepared over $5 billion in exchanges. That shows authenticity almost immediately.

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Benefits of Integrating your eBay store with ERP

Ebay Marketplace is one of the prime selling avenues for merchants online. Mostly, customers prefer eBay because they have different options made available by different retailers to shop online with. Again, you may find number of sellers to do business with; eBay gives you the platform where you can sell your items which you no longer need. “Ease of Use” and cost-effectiveness is what makes eBay most popular in recent years.

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17 eCommerce Conversion Booster

How to improve conversion rate of online store? Learn from 17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters Infographic.

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