A Smart iPaaS Platform

APPSeCONNECT is built with the objective of bringing the power of automation into business operations and unleashing productivity and growth across teams in your organization.
Driven by the commitment to accelerate convenience-led growth for modern-day enterprises, our platform empowers your line of business (LOB) applications to ensure smooth data exchange between them.

Powerful Tools to Boost Efficiency

APPSeCONNECT provides enterprise-grade security and support on scalability across organizations of all sizes around the globe. With APPSECONNECT iPaaS, the entire team across an organization has unified online access to a range of powerful integration and data management capabilities as listed below.

Build. Share. Collaborate.

Visualize Your Automation ProcessFlow

APPSeCONNECT’s ProcessFlow is a wizard-based designer that enables you to graphically create, view and change the data flow for a process. Our web-based Integrated Development environment (IDE) provides functions to design, deploy and execute a process directly ensuring best-of-breed development experience. This helps you design your integration effectively and make small changes to an existing flow easily from anywhere.

Quickly Launch Your Integration with Pre-packed Templates

Our solution provides pre-packed integration templates which are made available by our own in-house teams or by our partners. These packages are time-tested and optimized following integration best practices. Pre-architected integration packages allow easier delivery and optimized data communication between line-of-business applications, hence quicker integration. The packages once installed, can be customized and deployed according to your need.

Customize, Share and Empower Others

APPSeCONNECT platform inherently supports sharing of resources. Once developed, you are free to copy or share your integration processflow or blueprint with others. Hence empowering you as a partner to reuse your own content as many times you want to.

Organize Resources Easily as Files and Folders

Integrations in the platform provides unique organizing facility. You can create your own folders into the system to store your resources. The folders act as a resource group in the system which can be used to easily work in groups to perform any task faster.

Make Better Decisions

Perform Special Operations on Data with Advanced Nodes

A list of predefined nodes is provided in the platform to enhance the power of integration development. Nodes are individual units of execution which you can drag & drop in the ProcessFlow Designer to generate a data integration pipeline. A node performs a set of operations to the data to ensure the execution goes through various modules of execution unit to give you the result you desire.

Automate Data Tracking & Error Handling

Our solution continuously tracks all business data that is synced through the platform and allows you to get an overview of them together. The unified view of the sync info allows you to filter the errors and display only the problems faced by the application; it helps you address any data sync issue and resync the same when required. It also lets you to open a particular snapshot to have a more detailed insight on the error.

Get Better Overview with Easy Reports

APPSeCONNECT provides you reports and analytics which help you get proper understanding about the integration. Every morning, you will receive a detailed execution report (which you are also allowed to schedule/reschedule). The platform also provides various dashboards which helps in getting insights on the platform whenever required.

Enable Personalized Rules and Actions

Our solution allows you to create rules according to your business-specific needs and triggers actions based on them. These decision engines trigger rules based on a schedule or a pre-defined event. Once the rule is defined, it is downloaded and executed. The rule can also be associated with ProcessFlow to help you make better decisions.

Trigger ProcessFlow through Application Webhooks

Our ProcessFlow can be configured through application triggers. The triggered ProcessFlow gives you an URL which can be configured in the application to trigger the ProcessFlow at your specific time, thereby disabling the default scheduler for execution. The triggered ProcessFlow executes when the application wants to update and hence it is almost real-time.

Build Scalable Integrations

Support Your Team with Environments Built to Scale.

Our microservice oriented solution helps our environments to scale both horizontally as well as vertically. We support both On-Premises and On-Cloud solutions, which lets you install as many on-premises agents as you want and create scalable cloud solutions for your team. The deployment is made easy with wizard-based approach to ensure you can easily switch between environments.

Connect Any Application with our Protocol-Based Adapters

Adapters are the plugins in the system that interact with the actual application. Our solution provides protocol-based adapters which can be used by any application which follows a standard protocol. We equip adapters for every standard protocol (like FTP/Secure FTP, SOAP, REST, SMTP) and if a business uses legacy applications that supports these protocols, they can directly use our generic adapters to transfer data into the system without requiring them to write an adapter from scratch.

Customize Codes with Realtime Code Editor Cloud Functions

To transform data from one application to another APPSeCONNECT offers a visual mapper where you can map the source schema with the target schema. To integrate, in addition to the regular code editor, the mapper also allows you to create and write code directly through the web interface, compile and execute it and attach it to a mapping. The cloud functions can be written using high level languages and gives you the power to deliver application integration quickly.

Customize More with Our SDK Support

APPSeCONNECT provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop adapters and plugins that can be used to connect our platform. The adapter development toolkit is hosted as a standard package delivery service and provides a full API help library to ease your development.

Highly Secure iPaaS

Ensure Data Security & Reliability with Our EAI Solution

APPSeCONNECT is a highly secure EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) solution that handles the security of your data most delicately. The solution does not upload credentials or share any business data to the cloud and hence, your sensitive data is secure on your own premises. Any configuration downloaded from our servers follow highly encrypted channels to communicate. The security layer pre-built on the platform shields all the activities made through the platform.

Define Specific Users and Assign Roles

Our platform is designed to inherently support roles to a user. You can create multiple users and assign specific roles to them to allow or restrict certain activities on the platform. For example, restricted users are unable to edit an integration, whereas an administrator has all the required permissions.

Our integrations are dynamic in nature. The mentioned offerings are the cumulative possibilities of the platform (actual scenarios are specifically organization/business-dependent). For any disparity, please refer to the latest version of the integration brochures.