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APPSeCONNECT Integration Platform Features

Driven by the commitment to accelerate convenience led growth for modern day enterprises, our platform empowers your line of business (LOB) applications to ensure smooth data exchange between them. With APPSECONNECT iPaaS, the entire team across an organisation has unified online access to a range of powerful integration and data management capabilities as listed below.

Full Workflow Based Process

With the new Workflow feature, the user can graphically create, view and change the data flow for a process like never before. Our solution offers the customer to design the integration from anywhere, with the help of our cloud portal. This feature enables simplified orchestration of the business processes with the desired efficiency and optimality.

Pre-packed Template Support for Quicker Integration

Our solution provides pre-packed templates which are made available by our own in house teams or our partners. The connectors are optimized following basic integration patterns and deliver standard optimized throughout when implemented for the platform. Pre-architected connectors allow easier delivery of optimized data communication, hence quicker integration.

Open Decision Engine with
Rules and Actions

Our solution allows the users to create a rule according to their business-specific needs and triggers an action based on that. These decision engines trigger rules based on a schedule or a predefined event. Once the rule is defined, it will be downloaded and executed. The rule can also be associated with Workflow to perform decision making.

Protocol Based Adapters

Our adapters allow interaction of data, and to open up the wider ecosystem. We provide protocol-based connectors which can be used by any application to tether directly. We equip adapters for every standard protocol (like FTP/Secure FTP, SOAP, REST, SMTP) and if a business uses legacy applications that supports the protocols, they can directly use our generic integrator to transfer data.

Full SDK Support for Partners
& Developers

APPSeCONNECT provides Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop adapters and plugins.  that can be used to connect to our platform. The adapter development toolkit is hosted as standard package delivery service and also provides for full API help library to ease development.

Complete Data Tracking &
Error Handling

Our solution continuously tracks all business data that is getting synced from the platform and allows the customer to get a view of all of them together. The unified view of sync bucket allows the user to filter the errors and display only the problems faced by the application and helps you address any particular data sync issue and resync the same when required.

Highly Secure EAI Solution

APPSeCONNECT handles the security of your data most delicately. The solution does not upload credentials or share any business data to the cloud and hence your sensitive data is secure on your own premises. Any configuration downloaded from our servers will follow encrypted channels to communicate. The security layer pre-built on the platform shields all the activities made through the platform.

Cognition AI Engine with
Conversational Bot

We bring you an amazing feature with an Artificial Intelligence-based web service in the form of a conversational BOT. It is a quick and instant messaging application which is made available through Skype messenger which understands natural language and can respond with a proper answer when any question is asked. It will help the user know more about the platform, the integration process, the supported apps, pricing, subscription and much more.

Hassle-free Enterprise-class Integration Platform to connect your SaaS,
on-premise and cloud applications

What our Customers are saying

Big Bike Parts

It's a good product and reasonably priced for the functionality provided, so it's a good investment if you're looking for some level of automation between compatible software.

Georg LaBonte Vice President

Full Parts Electronics

APPSeCONNECT Delivers what needed. The Appseconnect software has helped our business grow by making it more automated. We always receive good support. Automated it is and the freedom to customize it to our needs.

Sarah Johnson System Manager

The Mako Group

The team at InSync has been very responsive to my questions and concerns, was always happy to arrange meetings when something needed to be further discussed, and has a “can-do” attitude.

Matthew Clark IT Manager

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