Difference Between Custom Option and Configurable Product In Magento

Technology gets refined with time! There is no longer any need for you to create a number of simple products to make one configurable product. It’s time for you to get rid of these complexities. No wonder, Magento is the preferred e-commerce platform of most merchants.

In this blog post, I will tell you the difference between ‘custom option’ and ‘configurable product’.

Now, that you put up your product that has different variations, you similarly allow your customers to modify their purchase according to their requirements. Now on with Magento custom options or configurable product along with its associated products can be easily accomplished.

Check the image below:

Difference Between Custom Option and Configurable Product In Magento

Both of the approaches are meant to create customized products in your web store. Magento helps you to put up a base product along with defined characteristics which are custom made. Your consumer can configure or select the different varieties available which suits their requirement.

Yet again, you will find difference in the outcome. For the best results, check the difference of custom options of simple product versus Magento configurable products with associated one.


Let us assume that you offer shirts in several colors and sizes. You have two options- either you apply simple products with Magento custom options of the sizes or colors or the configurable product with associated products that are produced as unique combination of colors and sizes.

The main focus of the merchants are the configurable products which is very complex. The procedure of creating one shirt with 5 sizes and 3 colors is basically creating one configured product along with 15 simple associated products. Well it seems like simple products have an easy way out but wait before you judge.

You will not be able to keep track of the product varieties in case you choose simple products with custom options. In this process, if you do not have the definite size or color in your warehouse, your consumers will be able to buy the products.

Via configurable product, you are now enabled to create different product varieties and also sell them as a part of the configurable products. Using the SKU, variation acts as the separate product. The Magento configurable product enables you to set the super attributes which will allow you to set few specific setting for each of the combination.

You can even create stock of your product combination, when are you running out of color or size, the variants will not be available for purchase. In a way you are not disappointing your consumer.

Well deciding on custom option or configurable option is your decision. I have stated the pros and cons of these two options. Hope you can now make the right choice which will help your business.

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