4 Effective Ways to Write Product Descriptions on your Online Retail, APPSeCONNECT

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it – Peter Ducker

Products displayed online are often interpreted by the product information, images and videos. The product description is simply a few words about the product’s fabric and specification. The product description content should act as a marketing substitute through which you can lure your customers.

The description which you provide for your customers should entice them. The secret of writing a product description lies in engaging, convincing and of course selling too.

Let me show you a few simple ways to convince your web visitors:

  • Buyer’s persona: Remember you are not writing for a single buyer, in fact hundreds or thousands of them. Your description becomes wishy–washy when you end up addressing none. Buyer’s persona is nothing but an imaginary customer. It is the person for whom you have developed the product and also to whom you would love to sell. Create a copy which will speak to her/him rather than making it didactic. The content should have humor, proper addressing and your customer should get ‘feel good’ vibes reading the description. Ensure the description is product-centric and it should definitely state all the specifications.
  • Feature and attributes: Make sure you are not writing a story, so keep the facts clear. The buyer’s interest lies in the FAB’s of a product. The description should specify the benefits and ensure that the features you provide are not mundane. Remember don’t just sell an item, sell an experience too. Please do not make it a flashy advertisement which seems to be a forceful marketing strategy.
  • Readable format: Often the writers use different style, color and format to make the content look interesting. Now, if the product description format is not readable, your customers won’t take the pain in reading it. Use a standard font and color to enhance the content, so that it looks good and is also      scan-able.
  • Enticing factor: When you write a product description, justify your use of superlatives. It will put off your customers unless you tell them the importance or benefits of the product. The tone should be clear and active which defines the prospects of the product. Put up the reviews of your previous customers both positive and negative in a competitive ratio. The content should be appealing to your readers and boost their imagination as well. Add images of the products that will match with it. For example if you are selling a vase, you can add a side table with it, which will define its features or may be a dress, where you can show a matching shoe to buy.

Ensure putting up a polished product description that truly convinces your buyer, conveying its features. Remember you are describing a product and not marketing or advertising it. Always write from a buyer’s point of view, addressing the buyer. Good luck!

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