Good news: Sales at your online stores has gone up.

Bad News: You are more stressed now because you have to enter more orders in your ERP manually and then update the delivery information in the eCommerce application, resulting in errors due to overworked employees.

You may be in for serious trouble when sales ramp up in your store. Duplicate data entry, manual updates, delay in customer service… The list is long and once your customer satisfaction level goes down, it will be a Herculean task to revive it.

Here are 5 ways you will lose big time if you do not integrate your ERP you’re your eCommerce store.

  1. Redundant Manual Data Entry and Errors
  • Total time needed for manually entering ERP data in ecommerce store and vice versa will shoot up causing serious delays in the customer service.
  • High risk of errors and data duplication will add up to your frustration.
  • Accounting and financial figures will go haywire.
  1. Mismatch in inventory data
  • Inaccurate picture of available inventory to shoppers will result in lost sales and cancelled orders.
  • Inventory will not be updated in real-time when orders are placed online adding to further delays in stock replenishment.
  1. Reduced internal productivity
  • Your employees can’t focus on tasks they are best at and therefore productivity and motivation will go south.
  • Employees’ personal lives will start suffering, as they will be at office till late hours.
  1. Decreased Customer Satisfaction
  • Incorrect stock information and delayed order status will frustrate your customers resulting in drop in repeat sales and online reputation.
  1. Slower Growth in Revenue
  • All the above factors will start eating into your sales resulting in a slow death for your business.

Are you ready for stellar growth or a steady decline? It is easy to stem the tide of hassles, confusion and frustration. Connecting your ERP system with the online eCommerce store is easy with APPSeCONNECT integration solution.

You get real time updates at both ends, improved customer satisfaction, more referrals and online recommendations. It is risk-free too. You can ask for a FREE trial, run the system for a few days and experience the convenience yourself.  Get started by clicking here.

Integrate your ERP with eCommerce stores, Marketplace and CRM