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Leading Beauty and Wellness Company in the GCC, Apotheca Beauty Chooses APPSeCONNECT for Efficient eCommerce Integration
The Origin Story

Apotheca Beauty was founded in 2013 by Kuwaiti sisters Nora, Sarah and Dana Al-Ramadhan with the vision of bringing perfect products and solutions to meet the ever-changing beauty needs of the consumers. The company has introduced leading brands including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lancer, Tatcha, Malin + Goetz, ILIA Beauty, Oribe, and Moon Juice to the region. The physical outlets, or “Apotheca boutiques” across Kuwait and Dubai offers effective beauty solutions like skincare, skin tools, and facial treatments. They have since been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Emirates Woman and Savior Flair.

A couple of years later, they introduced their ecommerce website ( to cater to the evolving consumer demands and to reach a wider audience.

“As consumers continue to change the way they shop, it is important to evolve with them. Our e-commerce site allows us to communicate with our customers and educate them on our products, who we are, and what we are trying to do. The website also allows us to reach a wider network of people who may not be able to visit our store.”, Nora said in a Vogue interview.

With the success from their retail and online channels, Apotheca Beauty’s eCommerce business continues to develop and pave the way in the beauty and wellness space in the GCC, with the promise to cater to consumers worldwide.

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Glamming Things Up
Traditionally, the company ran a Shopify website to market and sell their products and to manage backend operations, they used Microsoft Dynamics AX as their ERP. Additionally, a different third-party integration was also deployed to automate data transfer between the two applications. However, that solution did not meet their automation requirements and they needed a change. In attempts to overcome their integration issues, the Apotheca team switched to APPSeCONNECT to automate data between Dynamics AX and Shopify.
Overcoming Existing Challenges
Apotheca Beauty operated through its online store across UAE and Kuwait. Managing the orders with accurate inventory and pricing data manually was a time-consuming process, prone to redundancies and errors. Their existing integration between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics AX was not enough to deliver the seamless automation they required for their business. They needed a powerful business automation platform that could provide end-to-end integration between their applications and help them boost operational efficiency. That is when the APPSeCONNECT integration platform came in as the perfect upgrade!
The Shopify + Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector by APPSeCONNECT
APPSeCONNECT’s Shopify + Microsoft Dynamics AX integration became the best solution for Apotheca Beauty’s automation needs. The integration streamlined the orders, pricing and inventory data from the website and automated the business flows. With this integration, business-critical operations were handled efficiently and real-time bidirectional data sync between the two applications was enabled. The integration offered streamlined inventory management since data was coming from multiple endpoints. APPSeCONNECT also offered a centralized roof for effective integration data monitoring and analytics to help maintain the health of the automated business processes.
Microsoft Dynamics AX with Shopify thumb img
Microsoft Dynamics AX and Shopify Integration
Delivering the Beauty of Automation
With Team APPSeCONNECT’s pursuit for delivering exceptional customer service, a robust and intelligent Business Process Automation (BPA) solution was promptly deployed, through which, Apotheca Beauty upscaled their business and achieved greater success throughout their vertical. They were now able to achieve the seamless automation they needed between their eCommerce and ERP.
With Lucie Lennox, E-commerce & Digital Marketing Manager, Apothecabeauty | GITEX GLOBAL 2022 Dubai
The Final Glow Up

APPSeCONNECT accelerated Apotheca Beauty’s eCommerce game and played a major role in transforming their digital journey into a fully automated omnichannel business that is fast and efficient.

Our integration platform helped them achieve the following:

  • End-to-end integration between eCommerce and ERP
  • Inventory and Price sync between eCommerce and ERP
  • Automatic update of inventory levels between front-end (eCommerce) and back-end (ERP)
  • Accurate product pricing maintained across all systems / channels
  • Elimination of manual data exchange between applications
  • Better metrics for inventory and order management
  • Streamlined order fulfillment cycle
  • Prevent excess inventory or shortages
  • Improved organization-wide efficiency of business processes
  • Increased productivity of team members
  • Consistent and accurate data to enhance customer experience and loyalty
Here’s How APPSeCONNECT is Your Best Fit Too!
  • Next-gen low-code/ no-code iPaaS for effortless automation and integration
  • Robust user-friendly platform backed by experienced professionals
  • Best in class implementation and post-implementation customer support
  • Pre-Built Connectors with industry-tested reliability and functionalities
  • Built-in functionalities to support geographical expansion
  • Deeper full-stack integration for unparalleled scalability and customizability
  • Fully automated instant bi-directional data sync
  • Flexible implementations that scale with a growing eCommerce business
  • Boost efficiency of business processes and team productivity
About Apotheca Beauty
Apotheca Beauty is a cosmetic and personal care company, bringing the best beauty products and services from around the globe to consumers in the GCC region.
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Beauty & Cosmetics
Company Size:
51-200 employees
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