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APPSeCONNECT recently attended Shoptalk 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 17-20, one of the most coveted annual retail conferences, offering a deep dive into the evolving landscape of retail through trends, business models, and emerging technologies!

Beyond being a networking haven, it serves as a knowledge epicenter, covering topics ranging from AI and consumer behavior to eCommerce strategies and marketing innovations.

APPSeCONNECT was thrilled to meet thousands of retailers from across the globe, showcasing how the APPSeCONNECT platform enables seamless integration and automation across all popular business applications and helps businesses skyrocket growth and efficiency.


Theme – Shoptalk 2024

Shoptalk 2024 kicked off with impactful opening remarks by Sophie Wawro, Global President of Shoptalk, and Mike Antonecchia, SVP of Shoptalk who set the stage with a significant announcement. Together, they unveiled the main themes that would shape the event, kicking off the keynote sessions.

The main themes highlighted include:

  • AI to transform business
  • Creating unified retail experiences and enabling seamless customer journey
  • The changing role of the brand, and building winning brands of the future
  • Navigating changing industry relationships

Key Highlights – Shoptalk 2024

Shoptalk 2024 unfolded with an interesting array of sessions around the themes, with a diverse lineup of speakers representing top retailers and brands, the event was a melting pot of insights and innovation. Here are the main highlights:

AI to transform business

At Shoptalk 2024, discussions centered on leveraging AI to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and navigate evolving industry dynamics. As Generative AI has emerged as a game-changer, empowering companies to unlock new possibilities it has been highlighted at Shoptalk that businesses necessarily need to focus on reducing friction, ensuring seamless adoption of AI and emerging technologies by associates.

For instance, Google is leveraging AI through a number of new “power tools,” like Google Lens, Circle to Search, and Shop with Google AI. These initiatives affirm AI’s role in fostering deeper interactions between brands and consumers, paving the way for enhanced personalization and engagement.

Leveraging AI to Scale Personalization

Looking at the transformative potential of AI in scaling personalization, Shoptalk sessions delved into the tools and techniques for delivering tailored content, offers, and experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Christopher Thomas-Moore, Chief Digital Officer of Domino’s, said digital personalization is a lot like having a conversation with someone we have met before. Just as subsequent interactions deepen, digital personalization leverages existing knowledge to create richer and more meaningful experiences for customers.

Colleen Aubrey, SVP of Ad Products & Technology at Amazon, emphasized the importance of viewing shopping as a journey rather than a series of isolated steps. Aligning with customer signals is key, ensuring that retail media prioritizes seamless interactions that enhance rather than disrupt the customer experience.

Similarly, Day 2 of Shoptalk 2024 featured a keynote by Amit Jhawar, CEO of Attentive, spotlighting the critical role of personalization in eCommerce. Two-thirds of consumers say they will leave a brand or retailer’s website if it does not have some form of personalization.

Creating Unified Retail Experiences

In the quest for a seamless shopping experience, retailers are embracing the concept of unified retail experiences, transcending traditional boundaries between physical and digital channels. At Shoptalk 2024, industry giants like PepsiCo highlighted the pivotal role of automation in modernizing retail operations, emphasizing the need for agile supply chains to meet evolving consumer demands.

Discussions among brands like Levi’s, PepsiCo, and ThredUp underscored the importance of collaboration and innovation in breaking down organizational silos. Insights garnered from diverse channels resonate with APPSeCONNECT’s mission of facilitating seamless integration and automation across business functions.

Patrick from Krispy Kreme echoed the sentiment, recognizing automation as a catalyst for growth in an ever-evolving landscape. As businesses strive for efficiency and scalability, automation remains fundamental, driving continuous improvement and operational excellence.


Building Loyalty Via Seamless Customer Journey

Target’s keynote presentation, titled “Meeting Consumer Expectations to Maximize Relevancy and Loyalty,” unveiled the retail giant’s ambitious plans to revamp its Circle loyalty program. Transforming it into a three-tiered system, Target aims to enhance user-friendliness and deepen customer relationships, ultimately elevating guest engagement and sentiment. Emphasizing the importance of consistent, personalized experiences across all touchpoints fostering long-lasting customer loyalty.

On the other hand, Hang, a loyalty and membership platform, showcased its innovative approach to loyalty programs by moving away from the conventional one-size-fits-all approach. By prioritizing personalization and leveraging AI, Hang delivers rewards that resonate with customers’ preferences, driving significant increases in spending per loyalty member and yielding impressive returns on investment.

Harnessing Brand Power and Building Brand Trust

Jejurikar emphasized that gaining insight into consumer behavior in their home is critical to unlocking opportunities for growth. Addressing challenges like on-shelf availability, and a lack of end-to-end data integration in supply chains, leading to inefficiencies such as trucks traveling empty due to uncoordinated freight arrangements, can’t be ignored.

P&G recognizes supply chain integration as a prime opportunity to drive efficiency gains, save time and costs, and reduce environmental impacts.

Therefore, seamless data flow and collaboration across all stakeholders, envisioning supply chains as interconnected entities rather than disparate silos. By rethinking supply chain operations and prioritizing data accessibility, brands can enhance agility, responsiveness, and sustainability while building trust and credibility with consumers.

Shoptalk New Market 2025 Announced!

Shoptalk announces the launch of The New Market event in March 2025, responding to the evolving needs of the retail community. Sophie Wawro, Global President of Shoptalk, emphasizes the importance of pioneering alliances across the retail ecosystem to enhance brand-audience interactions.

Our goal with the launch of The New Market at Shoptalk is to provide a forum for retailers and other stakeholders from across the media landscape. Together, we will share strategies and solutions for creating memorable, timely and engaging customer journeys that deliver maximum ROI for brands, marketers and advertisers, but also experiences that last for their viewers.” – Sophie Wawro, Global President, Shoptalk.

Mike Antonecchia, SVP of Shoptalk, highlights the importance of adaptability and technological integration in ensuring future success for brands.

The New Market promises to offer fresh perspectives and guidance to navigate the dynamic media landscape effectively. “Shoptalk has built a reputation for providing a fresh perspective to major industry issues, and we are excited to help provide our community with the necessary guidance and access to industry partners to navigate the new realities of the ever-evolving media landscape.” – Mike Antonecchia, SVP, Shoptalk.

Closing Notes

As Shoptalk 2024 draws to a close, APPSeCONNECT reflects on a successful and enriching experience. The meet-up sessions provided valuable opportunities to engage with retailers from around the world, exchanging insights and exploring collaboration possibilities. The sheer diversity of brands and sponsors present was awe-inspiring, underscoring the event’s significance in the retail landscape.


Throughout the event, we had the privilege of connecting with renowned brands across various industries, discussing their processes, and identifying ways in which APPSeCONNECT can support their endeavors. These interactions were not only insightful but also promising, laying the groundwork for future partnerships and innovation.

As we bid farewell to Shoptalk 2024, we are already looking ahead to the next edition. With anticipation, we eagerly await Shoptalk 2025, where we will continue our quest to empower retailers with seamless integration and automation solutions.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your operations, improve customer experiences, or drive growth, APPSeCONNECT has you covered. Our easy-to-use platform is designed to scale with your business, ensuring that you stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.


Until then, goodbye and see you at Shoptalk 2025!