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BrightPath Consulting (BPC) is a consulting firm that specializes in providing digitalization and automation resources to help business organizations to be equipped for the Digital Economy business environment.

CREATING THE PATH TO BUSINESS SUCCESS IN DIGITAL ECONOMY The economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak is placing unprecedented strain on businesses where minimizing cost and improving productivity is becoming a growing concern and they can no longer rely on in-person interactions. In the wake of a disaster scenario like this pandemic, Digital Economy has emerged as the key for the economic recovery efforts. Digital Economy is no longer an option, it’s unavoidable in the aftermath of COVID-19. Thus, businesses need to be equipped for the Digital Economy business environment to counter the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and future-proof their business. To remain viable and prepare for both business recovery and digital economy, business organizations must adapt and evolve to the rapidly changing operating conditions for survival, growth and sustainability. Understanding the intense pressure that business organizations of all sizes and industries are under to achieve their business goals in the challenging business environment, BRIGHTPATH CONSULTING is a consulting firm that provides solutions to digitalize and automate business processes, operations and trade channels, for tangible performance gains in the Digital Economy business environment. With the objective of helping business organizations in their efforts for business recovery and continuity after the Covid-19 pandemic and at the same time succeed in the digital economy landscape, BrightPath Consulting is committed to a unique, objective and specialized approach to technology and how to leverage it for business success, our aim is to ensure the right technology solution is in place to future-proof our clients’ businesses, focusing on

  1. Business Process Management Digitalization: Creating the platform for Digital Economy and make paperless working environment a reality
  2. Trade Channel Automation: Enabling companies to embrace digital commerce
  3. Business Operations Automation: Improving process and workflow efficiency to reach new level of operational excellence

Products / Services:
DIGITAL COMMERCE OPERATING PLATFORM (DCOP) – The DCOP will be a fully integrated system created by digitalizing and automating business processes, operations and trade channel to streamline workflow and reduce cost of operations while helping to grow revenue. It will bring together the management system, business operations and trade channel and unify them into a single platform. 

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