SaaS Reseller. Our main product is Pipedrive licensing, training and support.
Our prominent solutions are: CRM – Pipedrive (as official partners) and other SaaS. We only hold operations in Santiago, Chile, but we hoping to open a new office in Peru by September 2019. As one of our founders is Peruvian and knows the market. We consider ourselves a digital sales/marketing agency. In some projects we have been asked to provide implementation, training and support. In other projects just Technology consultation, and training. Scope may vary, but we keep focus on selling Pipedrive as our main product. Our commercial team has more than 3 years of experience reselling for the number one Google partner in South America. Some of their product knowledge consists of Google Cloud and G-Suite. We also have experience reselling Adobe products for one the largest Reselling companies in the world with more than 3,000 employees in more than 80 countries. Chile is by far the most technological country in the region, and their use of SaaS services is only growing faster.


Luis Thayer Ojeda 1478 Providencia Santiago Chile

Products / Services:

Pipedrive Other SaaS Licensing , Training and customer support 

Social Media Handles


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