20 questions to ask before choosing a sap vendor
If you have decided to opt for an ERP for your small/midsize business and you have chosen SAP Business One, then you made the right choice. Now, choosing the right ERP doesn’t mean that your business can take the next leap, there are many if’s and but’s associated towards using SAP Business One successfully in your organization.

58 out of 100 Implementations of ERPs are successful and the remaining 42 implementations  either fail or businesses do not get the ideal outcome from their ERP system. Implementation of your SAP Business One can also fail if:

a. It takes huge amount of time to start productive usage.
b. Implementation Cost becomes out of budget.
c. Employees are not able to use it to streamline their daily jobs.

Unfortunately when companies like yours decide to opt for SAP Business One or any other ERP system and chose vendor to get licenses and deploy the system, cost becomes the most contributing factor. The Vendor who quoted the least is often selected without asking much questions. Cost is obviously a deciding factor, but you should also ask the most important question when choosing vendor for SAP Business One implementation. Here we have provided a list of questions and reasons:

  • What is the Vendor’s work history with SAP Business One?
  • When they have started implementation of SAP Business One? Who are their customers?
  • Apart from Implementation of ERP how they add value to the customer’s business? Do they have case studies and reference to check?
  • What is the Vendor’s experience in your vertical/domain?
  • How many implementation vendor have been in your business vertical/domain? What are the implementation specifications for those companies? Any similarity you have between your requirement and at the customer’s ERP specification where it has been implemented?
  • How Vendor can manage Change Management?
  • Get a comprehensive plan from vendor on how they will manage the changes, change in database system, migration of data from your existing accounting package or CRM or any other system to ERP and above all training to your employees on using new ERP system who are reluctant to leave their old system.

  • How Vendor can help you to take important business opportunity decisions using ERP?
  • How their implementation of SAP Business One can help you to generate more revenue? How the new ERP can help to take better business decisions?
  • How Vendor ensures risk mitigation?
  • How SAP Business One vendor will ensure that employees in your organization can get proper and adequate access to different areas of ERP? How SAP Business One can track user’s activities to the SAP B1 Admin?
  • How will the vendor perform implementation?
  • How long does the implementation take, from preparing Business Blue Print to Go Live to production environment? What is the implementation process? What implementation tasks will you handle? (Ask specifically about server/network preparation, installation, system configuration, integration with other information systems, report creation, data conversion, customization of forms and documents, security set-up, alerts and notifications, and approval/workflow definitions.)
  • How the User Training will happen?
  • What is the training process for different level of users that you have in your organization? (Operational Level, Mid-Level and C Level) Where the training sources be available for training as well as for future reference? How to engage with SAP Business One user communities?
  • How do Vendor cater ongoing support?
  • How to log support calls? What will be the cost for ongoing support? How and whom to contact in case of urgent need? Will you receive any free consulting hours under the implementation plan?
  • How does vendor manage Scalability and Growth?
  • How to add additional users in future and assign them proper access roles? What will be the cost of adding additional user licenses? How you can choose additional modules if needed? If you choose to move from SAP Business One, do you own your data (especially applicable for cloud instances)? Can the ERP be connected to third party systems if needed?
  • How can you access the API/Webservices for these external software integration? How do you measure results?
  • How do you measure the overall ROI that SAP Business One provides? What will be the top tangible benefits using SAP Business One? What KPI’s are best for monitoring increased revenue resulting from improved software functionality?
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