By connecting an eCommerce platform such as Magento integration with SAP ECC, businesses can automate and streamline the process of receiving and delivering orders, however, a business may encounter a requirement to stop order processing. Sometimes, a company wants to restrict the order due to some reasons like credit limit exceeded for a customer, insufficient stock etc. and wants to stop further delivery processing for a sales order. This can be achieved by using a Delivery block in SAP. Delivery block when applied, blocks the sales order for delivery i.e., delivery cannot be created until the delivery block is removed by the authorized person. Delivery processing can be blocked at any of the following places.

Sales order block:

Indicates whether the system automatically blocks sales documents for customers who are blocked for delivery in the customer master data.

Confirmation Block:

You can use this block to block the confirmation of order quantities so that the quantities can be used for other orders.

Printing Block:

Indicates whether the system automatically blocks output for sales documents that are blocked for delivery.

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Delivery Due List Block:

You can use this block to block the creation of deliveries.

Picking Block:

You can use this block to block the delivery while picking the goods.

Goods Issue Block:

You can use this block to block the delivery while performing post good issues.

In SAP, we can also create custom delivery blocks based on our requirement. In this article, we will see the creation of a custom delivery block for identifying the orders which have shipping instructions in a sales order. Such that, the company can easily identify the orders which have shipping instructions and after reviewing the instructions, takes necessary steps based on shipping instruction and removes the delivery block manually and proceed further to create the delivery for the sales order.integrate-sap-erp-and-ecommerce-store

To create a custom delivery block in SAP follow below steps:

Step 1: Creation of Delivery Block

  • In SD Master Data Screen enter transaction code SPRO.


  • Click on SAP Reference IMGCustom-Deliery-Block-in-SAP-step-2
  • Navigate along the highlighted path to create a new delivery block reasonCustom-Delivery-Block-in-SAP-Step-3.png
  • Click on the first option and then click on choose.Custom-Delivery-Block-in-SAP-step-4
  • Click on New Entries.Create-Custom-Delivery-Block-in-SAP-step-5
  • Create a new block reason. Save and go back. In the below example, Z1 is the block code and created for shipping instructions at delivery and picking level.




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Step 2: Assign Delivery Block to a Delivery Type

  • Now click on the second option and then click on ChooseAssigning-Delivery-Block-in-SAP-B1
  • Click on New Entries.Assigning-Delivery-Block-in-SAP-B1-New-Entries
  • Assign the delivery block reason-Z1 which is defined as the previous step to the delivery type LF. Save and go back.Assigning-Delivery-Block-in-SAP-B1-Bloack-Reason


Step 3: Create a Sales Order of Type OR and Functionality of New Delivery Block

  • Enter tcode VA01 to create a sales order.functionality-of-new-delivery-block-entering-tcode
  • Enter the required fields order type, sales organization, distribution channel and division.
  • Click on Enter.functionality-of-new-delivery-block-creating-sales-order
  • Create a sales order with new blocking reason Z1 (Check Texts). Click on Save.functionality-of-new-delivery-block-reason-Z1
  • If there is a shipping instruction we are going to apply this block.functionality-of-new-delivery-block-applying

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Step 4: Create Delivery

  • Now try to create a delivery for this sales order. Execute transaction code VL01N to create the delivery.create-sales-order-in-SAP
  • Enter the shipping point and the number of the sales order you just created.


  • Click on Enter.create-sales-order-in-SAP
  • The following message will be displayed due to the delivery block.create-salesorder-in-SAP-Delivery-Block
  • It will not allow the customer to create delivery until we remove the delivery block. In order to remove the delivery block enter transaction code VA02.create-sales-order-in-SAP-code-VA02
  • Remove the delivery block. Click on Savecreate-sales-order-in-SAP-remove-delivery-block

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By following the above steps, you can create a custom delivery block in SAP. We sincerely hope that this was useful and that any comment or feedback will be very helpful.

Delivery blocks may be needed based on circumstances, but there should not be any blockers to your business growth. Through the integration of SAP ERP with all line-of-business applications for your business through APPSeCONNECT’s robust next-generation low-code integration connectors, your business can effortlessly achieve unparallel growth and success!