Document management can become a daunting task for ecommerce store owners.  Choosing the right plugin for uploading and managing documents and files ensures that shoppers have a smooth experience on your web store while also ensuring better management by administrators.

There are a number of plugins for different ecommerce platforms with specific functions and capabilities. We took some time to list some of the best document management plugins for leading ecommerce platforms.

1. File Manager

File Manager is a robust plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage all file and folder operations like uploading, deleting, copying, moving, renaming, archiving and extracting files.


  • Drag and drop file upload support
  • User-friendly client interface
  • Don’t need to use FTP
  • Image and file edit support
  • Directory size calculation
  • Preview and play audio/ video
  • Multiple file/ folder selection
  • File browsing history

2. SP Project & Document Manager

This WordPress plugin helps you to maintain documents, records, files, videos and images.


  • Secure documents under login for each user
  • Advanced email editor to customize all emails
  • Multilingual support
  • Zip files in archive
  • Admin can add files to users
  • Client document manager with unlimited folder nesting
  • Customers can upload documents online to their personal page
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Batch manage files
  • Complete control over who accesses specific files

3. Magento File Downloads & Product Attachments extension v1.8.2

Magento File Downloads plugin allows you to upload and download various file formats.


  • Wide range of file upload options and multi-file upload options
  • Manage file for different categories of visitors
  • Easy file management with support for popular formats
  • Various page positions for file downloads
  • User-friendly video pop-ups
  • Enhance product, category and CMS pages with media files
  • Keep all uploaded files well-organized
  • Track file download statistics for each customer 

4. MagDoc – Powered by Scribd

MagDoc plugin allows Magento store owners to manage documents with the help of embedded Scribd app.


  • Upload and manage documents using Scribd API
  • Unlimited document upload
  • Tag uploaded documents on Scribd
  • Convert leading file formats like PDF, Word doc, or PowerPoint into web document
  • Web documents are easily searchable on search engines, shareable on social media platforms and read across multiple devices
  • Scribd reader enhances online document reading experience for users
  • Private or public setting for uploaded files
  • Assign uploaded files to products

5. PrestaShop File Upload Module

This PrestaShop plugin allows customers to upload files and enhance user experience.


  • Customers are enabled to upload files from product, cart or order detail page
  • Upload file for specific products or categories
  • Multiple file uploads at once
  • Drag and drop files
  • Allow merchants to upload files on product page to help customers
  • Specify file format and limit on the size of the upload file
  • Enable or disable file upload
  • Update or delete a file with a single click
  • Upload product tutorials, guides etc


6. M4 PDF Extensions Module

Customize PDF files easily with this PrestaShop plugin


  • Quickly create, modify and redesign templates using online template editor
  • Create special PDFs for customers like Membership Cards
  • Manage multiple templates
  • High-quality PDF output
  • Create customized look for PDF invoices, mailing labels, product catalogs etc
  • Allow visitors to create PDF catalog page on product details page
  • Create a PDF in an inactive language
  • Use CSS style to change look of documents
  • Seamless integration with your store

7. PH File Manager

Robust file management plugin for OpenCart 2.x


  • Create folders and subfolders
  • Search file within a folder
  • Multiple files can be uploaded together
  • Drag and drop option to move files
  • Use URL link to upload remote files
  • Rename, cut, copy, paste files and folders
  • Crop, zoom, rotate and flip images
  • Download files and folders in zip format
  • Safety check before renaming, moving or deleting files

8. Easy Upload

Use your preferred file transfer tool to upload and insert files in your database with this OpenCart plugin.


  • File transfer tools like filezilla, fireftp etc can be used to upload files
  • There is no restriction on file type or size
  • Upload multiple files at a time
  • New files are added to database automatically
  • Entries are automatically removed in database when file is removed
  • Delete download in admin will also delete file from the server

9. Uploadery by ShopPad

This Shopify plugin allows customers to upload files when adding products to their cart.


  • Unlimited upload fields can be added to your products
  • Uploaded files appear with the order in your Shopify dashboard
  • Large file size up to 2GB can be uploaded
  • Customers can preview, rotate and crop images using built-in editor before uploading
  • Full control on aspect ratio of images
  • All file types are accepted
  • Apply restriction on what file type to accept
  • Apply restriction on max or min image dimensions
  • High-resolution images can easily be uploaded


10. ShopShare

ShopShare is a plugin to connect your Shopify store with cloud storage apps.


  • Share word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets with ease
  • Easily share product brochures, audio/ video and other media files with customers
  • Seamless integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc
  • No restriction on file size and file type as long as it fits cloud storage app
  • Quickly distribute marketing collateral among your sales force
  • Instantly share photos, newsletters etc with your customers

11. Download File Manager

Download File Manager for Zen Cart stores lets you add downloadable files without using FTP.


  • Allows admin to upload downloadable files to the download directory
  • Access all files centrally from admin area
  • Upload multiple files in one go
  • Drag and drop support
  • Upload progress bar
  • Sortable list of existing files on server

12. File Upload Required

This Zen Cart plugin allows a file attribute to be required, similar to text attributes.


  • Allows admin to handle errors resulting from insufficiently large values of post_max_size and upload_max_file size
  • Handle errors caused by failed upload attempts preventing products from being added to the cart
  • Get alerts and advice about maximum file upload size in admin section to set post_max_size and upload_max_filesize


13. Drupella File Manager

It is a web-based file manager for Drupal stores that allows you to upload multiple files.


  • Drag and drop user interface powered by AJAX
  • Edit files from within the file manager and file_managed table auto-updates the database
  • Out-of-the-box WYSIWYG support
  • Integrates nicely with modules like CKEditor and FileField Sources
  • Configure permissions to access public and private file systems
  • Attach file manager to a user’s account page

14. Filedepot

Feature-rich plugin for secure document management


  • Ease to use functions for searching, downloading, editing, and adding documents
  • User-friendly interface
  • Functions like a desktop app
  • Store files outside public directory prohibiting direct URL access
  • Use SSL for added layer of security for documents
  • Bulk upload documents with MS Windows client from Nextide
  • Allow users to download files directly for editing mode

15. Order Upload Pro

It is a plugin for Virtuemart and Joomla store owners to allow customers to upload images in product detail pages.


  • Allow customers to upload or delete multiple files with ease
  • Thumbnails are automatically generated for image files
  • Allow customers to add comments in standard Virtuemart comment form
  • Allow admin to download files from each order
  • Configure various file attributes like maximum file size, type of file and number of files to be uploaded
  • Plugin is compatible with latest Virtuemart versions and Joomla 3.x

Tame your documents with power-packed plugins

Every ecommerce store owner needs a productive document management plugin to organize their documents. A plugin should be secure enough to facilitate file upload, file download and file sharing. Admin access should be enabled to control file access. Batch file uploads and multiple file formats should be supported to ensure seamless customer experience.

Drag and drop support is a basic feature to move files and should be there. During upload, settings should take into account file format, file size and file upload limit to keep file structure organized. In special cases where high resolution images and heavy files need to be uploaded, you can modify the settings of your plugins accordingly.

Now, you can easily integrate your Business Applications viz. ERP, CRM, Ecommerce Stores, Marketplaces, Shipping and POS Systems under one single platform and automate the Business Process!Integrate-Business-Apps-through-APPSeCONNECT

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