eBay uses AMP technology

eBay is planning for much more swift browsing within the site and also for the users accessing it from external platforms like Google and Twitter. Recently they announced a transformation in the shopping experience. This transformation is led by AMP Technology. eBay has linked its AMP pages from non-AMP pages to make them discoverable on Google.

After implementing this technology, users will be able to view eBay AMP links in Google search results and experience instant loading of the page. Around 15 million AMP oriented product browse pages are available but not all search results will appear as AMP. This feature is being worked on rigorously and will eventually show results.

Reasons why AMP technology got necessary for eBay:

  1. Strong Analytics system – It is very important for an ecommerce site to track the visitors on the page. The backend system supports the product browsing experience in such a way that it records user activity, analyses it and optimize the experience for users in future.AMP technology has a component called amp- analytics for performing this task. eBay has worked with amp- analytics and to make it simpler they came up with a specification. After implementing the specification, they were able to achieve a robust and enhanced analytic system that could track clicks, visibility and impressions to our backend which could improve the following visits.
  1. Same features for AMP and Non- AMP pages – eBay made an attempt to set the similar codes for the AMP page and the non- AMP pages. Few mismatch were closed like UI components and ecommerce specific components. Hereafter, eBay is working on the AMP version to overcome the version restrictions and list the components so that users can benefit.
  1. Uniform build process – In the initial phase of AMP Launch we have to put manual efforts in managing assets like CSS and JS between non AMP and AMP pages. On one side, in non AMP version, CSS and JS should be bundled and sent to external data points whereas in AMP version the JS isn’t present and CSS should be inline. As maintaining these assets manually wasn’t easy so we automated the process with a flag which gets activated in case of AMP pages and hence save you from manual efforts.

eBay is happy to incorporate the AMP experience to our mobile users within the site as well as from external platforms. The marketplace has been trying hard to smoothen browsing over the site. This is where AMP comes into the picture and guarantees a consistent and fast experience. We hope their users benefit from this new technology.

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