In today’s competitive market, you will have to come up with the new creative edge which will enhance browsing and shopping experiences.   Are you ready to take the next step in your eCommerce business? Till now product images are doing well, you have taken special care to make sure that the customer can view all the angles of the product.

How about I ask you to provide your customers with a video to increase your sales? I know what’s exactly knocking in your head, you must be thinking of when a product image is drawing a good number of customers, why to implement video strategies? For which I already asked you at the first whether you are ready to take the next step.

Let’s see how to increase sales by using videos in eCommerce business:

Firstly you will have to understand that the picture you display on your site, might not be well interpreted by your customer.

A video demo can easily show your customer, all the specification of the product, color, size etc. which help your customer to observe the product well. It is seen that a video can easily clear the confusion about product details.

In a recent study, it is proven that videos of a product image easily convinced the buyer. As the buyers are not able to see or feel the product, the video has given the option to view it closely.

A video gives your consumer a good and satisfying feel because he can imagine himself with that product. Secondly, in a video the product looks clearer with all the specification, for example a size S or 8 of a product can fit anybody who is slim and in proper shape there again it can also fit someone who is slim but not in proper shape. For which he/she might require the next size, but according to the size chart provided, the fit looks perfectly fine. Here video specifications help your buyers to easily choose the right size without any confusion.

A product video undoubtedly works well with all the confused buyers. Usually, buyers are struck by dilemma about the product color and fit. If you can provide them a video, your buyer will not have to look for different products.

It is seen now a day people spend much time watching video on the internet and usually if they like the product they share it on social media pages. Now this is how people from other sites get redirected to your site, thus increasing your sales.

A product image can show statistics but will not give any feel to your customer. If an image is very illustrative it might be worth 1000 words whereas a video will bear much more information about the product.

Take a step forward!

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