How IoT Integration Can Drive Digital Revenue on Shopify, SAP and Salesforce

Thursday, 25th May 2023
9:30 AM CST | 10:30 AM EDT

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Md Riaz
VP Customer Success
Abhishek Sur
VP Product
Ganesh Ryali
Techno Functional Consultant
From Data to Dollars: How IoT Integration Can Drive Digital Revenue on Shopify, SAP and Salesforce

Join us to discover how to leverage data from connected devices to optimize sales and marketing strategies, and take your digital revenue to the next level.

In our recent article, we explored several automation trends in the manufacturing industry, including the adoption of IoT and the generation of IoT-based digital revenue. Though manual approval may be needed in some cases, the key advantage of this type of revenue is that demand generation occurs electronically, with IoT-based revenues being automated and consistent.

In this upcoming webinar, we will present a use case for a nutritional supplement company that sells vitamins, utilizing a Smart Cap-based IoT device integrated with Shopify and SAP.

With the device, the company can:

  • track consumption patterns and notify customers of schedule deviations
  • alert them when it’s time to reorder.
  • integrate the incoming orders for dispatch, creating a new channel for inbound orders at scale

    During the webinar, we’ll discuss best practices, share insights, and provide a demonstration of how demand generated from IoT devices can be seamlessly transmitted to other applications like Shopify, SAP S/4 HANA and Salesforce. Our experts will discuss the benefits of IoT integration and how it can help businesses better understand their customers and drive sales. Don’t miss out on this insightful webinar.
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