Dynamics Business Central Webhooks Subscriptions: The Ultimate Guide

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Organizations rely on seamless data integration to ensure real-time insights and informed decision-making in today’s dynamic business landscape. Webhooks have emerged as a powerful tool for enabling real-time data exchange between Dynamics Business Central and external applications, fostering a connected and synchronized ecosystem.

Understanding Webhook Subscriptions in Dynamics Business Central

Webhooks operate on a publish-subscribe model, enabling external applications to subscribe to specific data changes in Dynamics Business Central. Upon receiving a change notification, the subscriber can react promptly, triggering automated workflows or updating its own data accordingly.

The webhook subscription process involves a handshake mechanism to verify the subscriber’s identity and ensure secure communication. Business Central sends a validation token to the subscriber’s endpoint when a subscriber registers a subscription. The subscriber must return the validation token in the response to complete the handshake and activate the subscription.

Implementing Webhook Subscriptions with PIPEDREAM.NET

To handle the handshake process, we can utilize the PIPEDREAM.NET website, a cloud-based automation platform. Here’s a breakdown of the code:


export default defineComponent({ async run({ steps, $ }) {
const { validationToken } = steps.trigger.event.query; if (validationToken) {
return $.respond({ status: 200, headers: {},
body: validationToken,
} else {
// Handle the case where validationToken is missing return $.respond({
status: 400, headers: {},
body: "Validation token missing or invalid",

Use code with caution!

This code snippet checks for the presence of the validation token in the query string. If the validation token exists, it sends a response with status code 200 and the validation token in the body, completing the handshake. If the validation token is missing, it sends a response with status code 400 and an error message.

Benefits of Webhook Subscriptions

Webhook subscriptions offer several benefits for real-time data integration:

  • Real-time Data Updates: Experience the power of real-time data updates in Business Central as external applications seamlessly receive notifications the moment any data changes occur. This immediate responsiveness empowers businesses to act swiftly, triggering automated workflows and ensuring that stakeholders are always working with the most current information.
  • Reduced Latency: Say goodbye to delays with webhooks. By eliminating the need for periodic polling or batch processing, this technology ensures that external applications enjoy reduced latency, gaining instantaneous access to the latest data. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a dynamic and responsive business environment.
  • Simplified Integration: Navigate the integration landscape with ease as webhooks provide a standardized approach. By adopting webhooks in Business Central, businesses can simplify the integration process, reducing development complexity. This standardized method streamlines communication between Business Central and external applications, making integration more accessible and efficient for developers.
  • Enhanced Data Synchronization: Achieve seamless data synchronization across systems with the help of webhooks. Business Central and external systems work in harmony, ensuring data consistency throughout the organization. This enhanced synchronization not only improves the accuracy of information but also contributes to a more streamlined and interconnected business ecosystem, where data discrepancies become a thing of the past.


Webhook subscriptions empower businesses to seamlessly integrate their Dynamics Business Central environment with external applications, enabling real-time data synchronization and automated workflows. By subscribing to webhooks, businesses can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making capabilities.



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