Identifying SAP Business One DI Server Connection Failed Issue

Identifying SAP Business One DI Server Connection Failed Issue

SAP Business One is one of the most popular and widely accepted backend Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It has been a part of the success of a number of companies. But just having an ERP system running will not be able to help you in your ecommerce business process – a business owner might want to integrate their SAP Business One ERP with either their eCommerce Platform, their POS, or any other third-party application. After everything in the SAP side is implemented properly, it is very easy to integrate it smoothly with other systems.

When you are trying to connect your third-party application with SAP B1 using DI Server, the connection is sometimes broken due to several reasons.


One of the best solutions to communicate with an external app and to use it without any breakage is that you can allocate SAP licenses.

You need to allocate one SAP B1 Indirect User Access License. The same user should have DI Server Licenses allocated to him too.

This has been found that there is a smooth connection once you manage the license well.


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