Magento 2 provides the users a great convenience of flexibility in the report. There are 5 types of reports available:

  1. Sales reports
  2. Marketing reports
  3. Review reports
  4. Customer reports
  5. Product reports

They are, henceforth, discussed briefly as per their categories:

Sales Reports:

Sales Report gives you an ability to acquire the reports for the Orders, Tax, Invoiced, Shipping, Refunds, Coupons, PayPal Settlement and Braintree statements. Here you can get all the sales related reports.

Braintree statement:  Under Sales, this report provides the user transaction details, such as order Id, Payment Type, Created date, Merchant account, etc. If anyone wants, they can export in CSV, that is possible also.

Marketing Reports:

Marketing reports provide Product in Cart, Search terms, Abandoned Carts and Newsletter Problem. Product in cart provides the details of all the products in the cart. Abandoned carts provide all the detail that has been already Abandoned by a customer.

Search Item under Marketing shows all the things that have been searched by the customer by which you can determine which product is in demand.

Newsletter Problems report under marketing and shows all errors about Newsletters that have failed to submit.


Review Reports:

Review reports give you the reports about reviews by the customer and by product. The review report by customers lists all the customers who have submitted the review and of course the link to each review too. The review report by products lists all the products that have been reviewed and the link to the review list for each product.

Customer Reports:

Customer reports provide reports on New Customers, Order Total and Order Count.

New Customer report shows a number of the new customer during a period of time. Order total shows a total number of order per customer. Orders Count displays the total number of order per customer.

Product Reports:

Product reports include the reports for the products viewed, the number of product orders, best sellers, stock lever and even number of download times.

Now, you can easily integrate your Magento store with the back-end ERP/CRM and automate your business process!


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