Magento 2 SEO In a Snap - Infographic

As you may already know, Magento 2 is a completely new product which differs from Magento 1.X. in many aspects, and SEO is not an exception. It has many useful settings current Magento is missing.

Firstly, there is one option that you will definitely like: Product Fields Auto-Generation that helps create meta data for product pages automatically. This is a real time saver, though it may be quite limited if you have specific needs, for example, if you want to include product price or any other attribute besides {{name}}, {{description}} and {{sku}}.

One more great thing which is worth mentioning, is the ability to add images URLs to your XML sitemap, configure other settings like crawl delay, change frequency, etc. and automatic inclusion of the XML sitemap URL to robots.txt. By the way, the latter can also be edited right from the backend, no FTP or anything else like that is needed.

Finally, Google Analytics and Adwords codes implementation has been made easy in Magento 2. You can even add GA experiments code to a product page if you decide to AB test some adjustments.

These are only some of SEO settings available in Magento 2, in the infographics below you can find a full overview as well as where each setting can be found and its pros and cons.

magento 2 seo full

Infographic created by Amasty . Click here for the source.

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