mobile-commerce-for-shopify-podcast-blog-imageThe eCommerce industry has become fiercely competitive. That is why Shopify merchants often struggle with factors like scaling, profitability, and most importantly, a pleasant purchase experience that leads to greater customer retention. So how can merchants and store owners overcome these hurdles and establish their business as a reliable brand with loyal customers? It depends on many factors, one of which is leveraging mobile eCommerce. And to shed light on this matter, APPSeCONNECT recently released an insightful episode on our podcast Game of Automation. Our guest for this edition was Mr. Neal Goyal – Director of Sales at TapCart, and the focus of our conversation was all about mobile commerce for Shopify merchants.

Read on to know about the highlights of our podcast and learn how to create a mobile strategy for your online store.

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Podcast Overview

Before we dive deeper, let’s have a quick look at what our recent podcast on Mobile Commerce for Shopify Merchants is all about. The main topic of discussion with Neal was to make more store owners aware of the importance and benefits of bringing their online store and regular buyers to a mobile platform.

After all, when you think of online shopping, there’s no doubt that many purchases happen on mobile. Of course, optimizing your online store for mobile responsiveness is useful as well as necessary. But if you want to create long-term, loyal customers, you need to build a special platform on mobile that makes the experience easy and convenient for them. And that’s exactly what a mobile app can do.

So stay tuned as we uncover exclusive insights from Neal on creating mobile apps for Shopify Stores without coding, and why it will help brands and merchants to improve sales and retention.


About Neal Goyal and TapCart

Neal Goyal is an expert direct-to-consumer (DTC) coach who has helped countless brands improve their mobile commerce strategies and yield excellent results. Currently, he is the Director of Sales for TapCart – a mobile commerce platform that enables businesses to create and launch mobile apps for their Shopify stores. The platform is designed to help Shopify brands and retailers enhance their mobile shopping experience and engage with customers through dedicated mobile apps.

Tapcart allows businesses to build customized mobile apps for their online stores without the need for extensive coding or technical expertise. The platform often includes push notification features, allowing businesses to send targeted messages and promotions directly to app users. It supports integrations with other applications to connect your mobile app and online store with various tools that add extra functionalities. And it offers analytics and reporting tools to track app performance, user behavior, and sales metrics.

So with that brief background on Neal Goyal and TapCart, let’s now take a sneak peek at some of the most important talking points and highlights of our podcast and uncover actionable strategies to leverage mobile commerce for Shopify stores.


Podcast Highlights and Recap: The Future of Mobile Commerce for Shopify Merchants

Our conversation in this episode was packed with nuggets of information, insights, and a lot of strategies around the mobile commerce for Shopify merchants. Here’s a quick recap of the things that were discussed in the podcast.

  • The importance of mobile apps for Shopify merchants
  • When to consider focusing more on mobile strategies and dedicated app for customers?
  • Marketing and promotion strategies to get your app noticed.
  • Development efforts and flexibility offered by TapCart.
  • Role of mobile apps during BFCM and Holiday Seasons sales.
  • Avoid overthinking about expanding to mobile apps.
  • What sets TapCart apart from others?

Of course, we won’t be covering every single one of these topics that were discussed, and just focus on the key pointers from the conversation. If you want to watch or listen to the full podcast, you can find it here.

With that said, we’ll quickly walk you through the most important talking points and insights on mobile commerce for Shopify, asshared by Neal during the podcast.

Neal’s Vision for TapCart:

Neal expresses his excitement about helping merchants achieve profitability faster through TapCart. The focus is on retention, customer experience, and building long-term relationships to drive profitability.

Importance of Mobile Apps for Shopify Merchants:

Neal also talks about the current scenario where many Shopify merchants are not fully aware of the potential of mobile apps. He emphasizes the pillars of retention and the role of mobile apps in delivering a personalized experience for loyal customers.

Success Stories and Outcomes:

The conversation delves into real-life success stories, such as True Classic and Baze, showcasing the significant lift in sessions, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value (LTV) achieved through mobile apps. Neal highlights the personalized experiences that lead to increased customer engagement and higher AOVs.

Driving App Downloads and Engagement

During the conversation, Neal provides insights into strategies for driving app downloads, emphasizing the need to educate customers on the unique value they can get through the app. The discussion touches on early access and exclusive products for loyal customers, and personalized content to offer a unique experience that will get more people to try the app.

TapCart’s Unique Offerings


Neal emphasizes TapCart’s unique position as a drag-and-drop platform that enables merchants to launch an app in 7-10 days without upfront fees. The objective is to make it super easy and convenient for Shopify merchants to kick start their very own mobile app. Additionally, TapCart offers a development environment for customizations, providing full freedom to brands to build the app just the way they envision it.

Maximizing Customer Engagement during Black Friday and Beyond:

As the holiday season approaches, Neal discusses the pitfalls of viewing Black Friday purely as a revenue event. He advocates for a holistic approach, focusing on acquisition and retention simultaneously. The discussion highlights the role of mobile apps in driving repeat purchases and capitalizing on peak sales moments.

Next Steps for Merchants:

The conversation wraps up with guidance for merchants considering mobile apps. Neal encourages a crawl-walk-run approach, urging brands to launch an app as a touchpoint and let consumers decide their preferred channel. The idea is to utilize mobile apps as an important part of a broader strategy to grow an eCommerce business.

Unique Features of TapCart:

Neal finally explains TapCart’s unique features, including push notifications and the ability to custom develop on top of the app. The conversation underscores TapCart’s understanding of e-commerce, making it a preferred partner for Shopify.

Unlocking Success for Shopify Merchants with TapCart

Our conversation with Mr. Neal Goyal sheds light on the transformative power of mobile commerce for Shopify merchants. The eCommerce landscape is evolving, and to stay ahead in the competitive market, merchants need to adapt. TapCart emerges as a game-changer, offering an intuitive platform that empowers Shopify brands to create customized mobile apps effortlessly. By focusing on customer retention, personalized experiences, and fast-tracking profitability, TapCart enables merchants to build lasting relationships with their audience.

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