New AWS Quick Start – SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

SAP B1 has launched their newest version SAP HANA an amazing speedy database management system on the Amazon Web Service (cloud). SAP Hana is more practically drafted and properly indexed which help you to plan, implement and design your ERP solution, thus making it faster. A suite of infrastructure utility is provided by AWS cloud which allows you to implement SAP Hana in an easier and affordable manner. Deployment of SAP B1 in-memory directory has empowered SAP HANA.

SAP Hana has added Quick Start Reference Deployment which is widely used by Amazon Web Service partners and customers worldwide successfully. You can take the advantage of the actions in SAP B1 along with promptness, supple and secured cloud system, by deploying SAP B1, version for SAP Hana on Amazon Web Service. It is designed for small and mid-size business, with a unified ERP planning programme.

This implementation makes use of Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, which is launched through AWS cloud formation template

The Cloud creates the template resource within existing Virtual Private Cloud as stated:

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  • IAM roles and security groups.
  • SAP Hana meets the performance requirement.
  • Support inbound SSH access along with outbound Internet access.
  • Provide a remote desktop connection.
  • SAP Hana is a server component and client oriented.


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Scenarios like production and non-production will help you to decide an appropriate EC2. The entire set-up is the step by step process. During this process, using RDP client you need to login in Windows in order to download and stage the SAP media. Launch the templates after you make your choice, fill the blanks and wait for the resource to get created and configured. This manual step will take approximately 90 mins.