B2BMage – Enable Magento 2.X with B2B Features

A Business-to-Business (B2B) scenario refers to the kind of business where a particular business organization makes a commercial transaction with another business organization. B2B is, at the moment, one of the most frequently practiced and prosperously growing sectors in the industry. An extension for Magento Enterprise which can work efficiently with Magento functionalities has been released by InSync – B2BMage. B2BMage is a Magento extension which helps in B2B business processes, helping enterprises scale higher with productivity and efficiency.

The key points covered in the webinar were:

  • Statistics about current eCommerce trends.
  • Overview of the most sought-after B2B features.
  • Standard B2B Business Process in eCommerce.
  • B2BMage Features.
  • B2BMage User Account Types and Permissions.
  • Explanation of the B2BMage features.

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