Business Decisions that can Help Boost E-commerce Sales

E-commerce is a 24-hour business.

With growing competition, increasing digital marketing spend and shrinking margins, merchants have to take right decisions all the time. As a store owner, not only do you have to look at multiple dimensions across campaigns, visitors, customers, products, payments and returns but also master the underlying technologies that run them.

And that’s what separates successful e-commerce businesses from the rest.

We invited Ravi Madhira, founder of Clove.AI, and an old hand at helping e-commerce stores increase sales, to suggest ways to make better business decisions.

Listen to learn about:

  • Decision touch points around what to sell, how to sell and whom to sell.
  • What data you need to make informed decisions.
  • How to get reliable and meaningful data.
  • How to use that data to increase sales.

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