Successful Data Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM: Strategy and Best Practices (Master and Transactional Data)

This webinar will cover everything you should know to prepare for a Successful CRM Data Migration. Understand the intricacies of data and it’s importance in your organization and explore the possibilities of successful Data Migration to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform.

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is an essential component in a business as it takes into account all the details of the customers and their journey. But a CRM is never functional without data! That is why, moving data from one system to another is essential in order to set up a new system to utilize the data that already exists in the current system(s). This a must for organizations who want to nurture and help their customers grow.

Data Migration can be a complex and cumbersome process, more complex than people realize, but with a solid strategy in place, it can help organizations seamlessly transfer data from one system to another.

Most Data Migration solutions only transfer Master data, but Transactional data is as much valuable and the right solution and tools can manage that as well. While you need to consider data sources, data fields and other aspects while Migrating Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this webinar will help you learn about the correct approach, best practices and actions involved during the process.

The key points to be covered in the webinar are:

  • Introduction to Data Migration.
  • A Guide to Prepare Templates.
  • Ways to do Data Cleaning.
  • Options for Data Import.
  • How to do Data Verification.
  • Successfully Migrating Data to Dynamics 365 CRM.

If you are planning to employ Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in your organization, this webinar will help you strategize about CRM data migration and plan for a seamless experience.

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