​How Retailers are using Loyalty Programs to increase per-customer revenue by 2.4X?

Loyalty programs are the #1 revenue driver for retailers. Get ready to maximize customer retention in 2018 by implementing a loyalty program.

46% of Macy’s revenues come from 9% loyal customers (Wall Street Journal). 90% of ULTA Beauty’s revenues come from their loyalty program members, they have cited their loyalty program as the key strategy to combat the Amazon threat (CNBC). A small investment in customer loyalty has the potential to generate exponential returns.

This webinar will highlight some specific strategies you can adopt to engage your customers and create a compelling reason for them to keep buying from you. Real life case studies on how retailers have created a loyalty program to boost their repeat sales by 80% and average order value by 33%. It is a great opportunity to learn the best practices and to determine whether a loyalty program can help transform your business.

The webinar will include:

  • How to set up a loyalty program for your business and map all touchpoints of your customers​?
  • Importance of rewarding customers for brand interactions, and not just transactions.
  • How to nurture customers by keeping them engaged?
  • Specific example and analysis of a well implemented loyalty program. ​
  • Question and Answer session.

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