Webinar: Fulfill eCommerce Orders Faster Using Shipping & ERP - APPSeCONNECT


​How Shipping + ERP Can Fulfill eCommerce Orders 2X Faster

Points to be covered in the Webinar:

  • Introduction to ShipStation
  • Poll over eCommerce Order Fulfillment pains and speak to different pains people have in figuring out order fulfillment
  • How proper Shipping Management can ensure quick order fulfillment
  • How a software solution like ShipStation can help with omni-channel order fulfillment
  • Benefits of having an ERP and how ERP Integration with Shipping Solution can bring efficiency
  • How Shipstation and ERP data exchange can help in Quick Order Fulfillment
  • Live Demo (Example of Critical Business Data exchange between Shipstation and ERP system)
  • Q & A

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