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Unlocking Business Potential by Integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams

Webinar Integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams
Customer facing functions like Sales and Customer Success perform in a very dynamic environment. Every day they are exposed to unique situations where they need to take decisions, seek approvals, and get back to customers. To be successful, they need a way to collaborate with among themselves in a quick and efficient manner. Salesforce is a very popular enterprise grade CRM software solution whereas MS Team is arguably the most popular business communication platform. In this webinar, we will see how these popular platforms can be integrated for instantaneous notifications, efficient collaboration and immediate action. The approach taken will be to walk the audience through some real-life examples and business cases. Actual demonstration of the integration will also be shown.

What we intend to show two use cases

  • Better Collaboration / Quote Approval – We will discuss how integrating Salesforce with MS Teams will have the team collaborate better specially in terms of getting required approvals.
  • Opportunity hygiene / accurate sales funnel – Many a times, salespeople find it difficult to manage their pipeline accuracy by changing the expected closure date. Having scheduled alert will ensure that they can push the opportunity closure date and outcome.

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