S4 HANA Integration with Third Party Application

Companies are employing multiple applications to run business processes efficiently. One application that is crucial to the business owner is an ERP. One such ERP is SAP S/4 one HANA.


SAP is one of the most coveted ERPs and it has helped thousands of companies achieve perpetual success in the course of time. But SAP alone cannot fulfill all this. Only when it is seamlessly integrated with other critical applications, it can deliver the desired result. Also, the other third-party applications that will be present with SAP will need to communicate data to SAP to keep all the processes streamlined.


In light of this, we at APPSeCONNECT, a smart and robust integration platform, have organized a webinar in association with Veon Consulting titled “SAP S/4 HANA Integration with Third-party Applications“. This webinar will talk about the processes, do’s and don’s, best practices and hands-on experience on SAP integration with other important applications.

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