Opencart is one of the most popular choice of eCommerce Platform now a day. As per statistics from Builtwith eCommerce Trends it has the second largest market share in eCommerce Platform Market Globally, just after Woocommerce. If we consider the fact that Woocommerce is not really full-fledged eCommerce Platform, rather it’s merely an extension for WordPress based websites, then Opencart is leading in the road. In US Opencart stands at 9th Position, in UK it’s in 3rd Position and in Australia it’s in 6th Position respectively, making it an important platform to consider when you think of building a new eCommerce website.

Recently in this month August 2016, Opencart announces the launch of its latest version Opencart Let’s have a quick sneak peek what we will get additional in this version.

The basic advantages of Opencart remains same here like:

  1. Open Source
  2. Free Documentation
  3. Easily we can install designed templates
  4. Automatic Resizing of Images (a big concern for merchants when having products more than 20,000)
  5. Availability of integration with many Shipment Systems
  6. Unlimited Categories and Products
  7. Multi-Currency, Multi Lingual and Multi Store feature

What Opencart is all about?

Opencart released in last week of July. Prior releasing this full version it was available as beta and got important suggestions and updates from Opencart Developer Community who helped to make this release happen.

Opencart came up with new list of:

  1. New Updates
  2. Upgrade to existing features
  3. Important Bug Fixes
  4. Addition of 5 New Payment Gateways as default package within the eCommerce Platform, and these are:
    • Klarna
    • Card Connect
    • Divido
    • Pilibaba
    • Telecash

If you have any extension developed on earlier Opencart version, make sure you test your module with Opencart and update your extension details in Opencart Extension Store.

Server Requirements for Hosting Opencart

  1. You can select Hosting Package from A2 Hosting, they can take care of Hosting as well as providing a basic installed Opencart within that hosted space
  2. If you wish to host it elsewhere, below are the requirements:
    • Web Server – Apache
    • PHP 5.3 or higher
    • Curl- Enabled
    • Database – MySQLi