Photography in eCommerce Websites

Photography in eCommerce Websites

Would you buy anything online without seeing it? Or buy from a website which has shabby, bad photos of the products? Maybe not, it’s not trustworthy. When we go to buy something, we do check 10 time before buying. We always want to invest in something that’s worth it. We want to take the product in hand, feel and test it in some instance.

So, what will happen when you can buy a toothpaste to a car online? When the world is shifting to e-Commerce, the role of photographs have taken the major part, a core entity of the whole business.

Photography in eCommerce Websites

Why is photography a main part of this system?

Because, nobody will buy anything that they can’t see. Strike one.

Why is good photographs important?

You don’t buy a bag whose colors or features you don’t understand in a computer screen. A crystal clear picture of the bag will make you buy it. Strike two.

And, why is stunning photographs important for an e-commerce website?

People get attracted to stunning visuals. So, a website especially an e-commerce website with stunning and beautiful photographs will attract customers. Strike three and you are out.

Let go through the 6 commandments of photography in an e-commerce website.

1. High Definition photographs is a must.

Professional looking high definition photographs of your products is what makes your customers buy it. It builds up the trust of the customers.

High Definition photographs

Tip: Photos of products with white background is the best choice.

2. Use of Image Enlarger.

Customers always wants to know the nitty-gritty of the product. The customer wants to have an in-shop experience, taking the product in hand, feeling the material etc. Use of Image Enlarger helps to take the product to a new height. Customers can zoom in to see every details of the product.

High Image Enlarger

Tip: You must have High Definition photos to use image enlarger, so that the photos don’t get pixelated.

3. Show all colors.

Give your customers a choice of colors on any product. Display all the colors that are available. Everyone don’t have same taste. Different colors of the same product will have a much wider appeal.

Show all colors

Tip: Use of animated gif will be a better choice.

4. 360° Rotation.

A 360° of the photos will give the customers chance to inspect the product just like they do it physically in a shop.

360° Rotation

Tip: Manual rotation is old school. Animated gif is the new cool.

Shopify provides an app for 360 degree rotation- Magic 360. This app also gives you options on the types of rotation you want like Fast Spin on Hover, Martini Spin, Auto Spin, Auto Spin 3D, 3D Spin On Hover etc.

Check out Magic 360 by Shopify

5. Be the Black Sheep. Stand Apart.

In the world of cut throat competition, you have to swim against the tide. Photos of products in magnificent environments will attract customers. Creative photos have a chance to get viral in social media.

Be the Black Sheep

• Use of props that complement the product.
• Try to use less graphic or text in the images. Keep it simple.

6. Add a personal touch to your photos.

A product photograph is best in action. Show the use of the products, so that customers can relate to your product.

personal touch to your photos

Tip: Use of the product in the photo with a human element in it enhance the photo.

So let’s sum up. The reasons of using high quality professional product photography.

• Professional and good photos helps to gain the trust of the customers.
• It displays your product better.
• Creative photos have a good chance to get viral in social media.
• It helps in your branding.

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