With APPSeCONNECT's seamless integration, Prominate was able to connect its business applications and cater to global brands like Pirelli, PepsiCo. and Seimens!

Prominate is a global manufacturer and supplier of promotional and branding goods. Being one of the few such companies who have worked with Fortune 500 companies, Prominate has catered to customers like Pirelli, Seimens, PepsiCo, etc. They specialize in branding merchandise and promotional products along with employee sales, client licensing and consumer sales on global premiums. With their headquarters in London, they have offices set up in 70+ countries and own 40+ distribution centers.
Project Overview
Prominate already owns a stable customer base as it caters to multinational brands all across the globe. As they shifted to the US, Pominate decided to employ a new 3PL system that would cater to its warehouse data management. They were already using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 as their ERP system to manage the back-end data of their business. To streamline all the operations and bring uniformity to data, Prominate was in need of a robust integration platform that could solve the challenges.
The Challenges
  • Integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with 3PL to transfer data.
  • Manual entry of orders that came through the webshops and NAV.
  • Accurate warehouse and inventory management between 3PL and
    NAV was needed.
  • Data transparency in business.
The Solutions
Integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 with 3PL via APPSeCONNECT,
  • Fully automated application integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    and 3PL.
  • Mapping of specific fields like SKUs, line items, shipping addresses for data and business transparency.
  • Enabling customer choice for “Type of Shipping”.
  • Seamless order synchronization from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and webshops to 3PL system.
  • Uniquely designed business flow to suit the requirements with a strong and reliable integration architecture.
  • Streamlined business operations and processes.
The Benefits
  • Completely seamless integration of applications.
  • Easy and automated management of sales orders.
  • More time on innovating, less on managing.
  • Reduced manual effort and updates.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Saved a lot of time and resources due to efficient real-time data exchange.
  • A perpetual rate of business growth.
APPSeCONNECT Differentiators
  • Proactive support during implementation and post-implementation process.
  • Bi-Directional sync.
  • Excellent customer service even with time difference.
  • Comprehensive features and functionalities.
  • Deeper integration, scalable and customizable.
  • Fully automated sync in real-time.
  • A robust and easy-to-use platform with experienced professionals.
  • Software Scalability, support for eCommerce Growth.
  • Geographic expansion is facilitated.
  • Improved efficiency in business processes.
  • A boost in the productivity of employees.
  • Quick implementation and an affordable solution.

Manufacturing and Distribution
Company Size:
100-500 employees
Products and Services:
Promotional goods, branding, printing.

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