The Power of Connections

Role of iPaaS in Business Process Automation in Today's Digital Age

The Power of Connections-Whitepaper

Business Process Automation (BPA) refers to the act and the process where an organization employs various tools and solutions in order to automate and streamline the ongoing business processes from various sectors - it is the technology that enables the automation of regular repeatable tasks for an organization by automating the organizational workflows and all the related activities. BPA efficiently minimizes the laborious work and accelerates the processes by performing routine information to dedicated persons through its user-defined roles and actions.

An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)is a smart Business Process Automation platform that allows the seamless integration of various business applications used by an organization and enables the free flow of data across all channels of the business. An iPaaS serves as a BPA solution since it automatically connects two or more applications with each other and initiates bidirectional sync of data.

This whitepaper discusses why BPA solutions are necessary, how they help organizations in improving their processes and operations and what benefits these iPaaS BPA solutions provide to businesses who want to achieve digital transformation.

Download this eBook now to know the major insights of the BPA industry, some of which include:

*The Need for Business Process Automation
*Business Process Automation vs Robotic Process Automation
*Which Business Processes need Automation
*iPaaS as the best tool for BPA
*Business Process Automation in ever-growing industries
*Challenges faced by organizations without BPA
*Challenges solved by iPaaS
*Benefits of iPaaS as a Business Process Automation solution

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