An eye-catching eCommerce store will bring in customers for sure, but having an effective ERP system that takes care of all critical back-end operations is also very important. An Enterprise Resource Planning application or ERP not only manages but also streamline back-end business operations as well. So, all business owners must have an ERP system for their business to work at peak effectiveness. One such great ERP in the market is Sage 300. Sage 300, developed by Sage, is an enterprise management and accounting application for SMEs that has helped thousands of businesses to grow and manage their finances, operations, and inventory.

With the Sage 300 version 2021, comes even more features and quality of updates to help businesses grow more effectively. Let us take a look at the new features of SAGE 300 and how they are helping businesses.

Sage 300 ERP Cloud Updates 2021:

Faster payments: 

Joining hands with PayPal and Stripe, Sage 300 has come up with a feature that aims to streamline the payment process and make it faster. The new feature in Sage 300cloud 2021 gives the option to add a “Pay Now” link to invoices, which the customers can use to complete their transactions. Payments made using this new feature will automatically add accounts receivable entries to the ERP and also remit to the business account the payment provider’s fees as a bank entry to Sage 300 to record expenses.

Withhold taxes in Accounts Receivable: 

Sage 300 2019 added the feature of withholding taxes for Accounts Payable. The 2021 version brings with it the option to withhold taxes in Accounts Receivable as well. The ability to withhold taxes for Accounts Receivable comes in handy for businesses operating over multiple tax jurisdictions.

Improved Sage 300 Cloud Web Screen:

Like previous updates, Sage 300 2021 continues to bring in improvements to the Sage 300cloud web screens. Here are the notable new features:

  • Change in text size
    One of the new features added gives the option to change the text size on web screens. The feature adds Text size settings under the Settings menu, which the user can use to increase or decrease the text size to improve readability.
  • Add Bill of Material (BOM) number to details
    The new update allows users to add a Bill of Material or a BOM number for shipments, credit notes, and debit notes. For transactions made from scratch in the O/E Shipment Entry or O/E Credit/Debit Note Entry screens, users can now specify a Bill of Material (BOM) number under the Kit/BOM field.
  • Customize print reports
    Another new feature added is that printed-reports can now be customized to be not counted as open screens. Sage 300cloud web screens by default have a maximum limit of ten screens. Previously each printed-report that was open counted towards this limit. Now users can customize their web screens to have printed-reports to be not counted as active screens. 

Sage 300 ERP Perpetual Updates:

Increased Character Limit

The previous character limit of nine digits was increased to fifteen digits for Check and Deposit numbers with the latest updated. This increased character limit will prevent fields from getting truncated that previously would lead to a longer auditing process.

Updated Visual Process Flows

The Visual Process Flows was updated to be no longer dependent on Adobe Flash as Adobe Flash is no longer supported. Process Flow templates that were available previously are also included in this update. Users can use these templates along with previously made custom process flows. However, users can no longer create or change custom process flows. The ability to create custom process flows will be added back in a future update.

Specify Customer Account Sets with updated O/E templates 

Users with the new update can now specify customer account sets through Order Entry templates. Accounts Receivable for customers with no record in Order Entry transactions will now use the customer account set specified in the O/E template by default.


US Payroll Enhancements

During the process of setting up federal income tax for an employee, users can now indicate if the employee is a Non-Residential Alien. The new version of Sage 300 also includes several legislative updates for different states and local jurisdictions.

Stronger Default Security Settings

When installing a new Sage 300 instead of upgrading from a previous version, more strict security is enabled by default. Passwords used must be at least eight characters long and must include both letters and numbers. 

With the above-mentioned updates, Sage 300 ERP is set to enhance the customer experience and provide solutions that work best for organizations. Due to the constant development the team puts in, we can expect more enterprise solutions to emerge in order to cater to the requirements of global businesses. Let’s keep an eye!

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